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  1. Maybe not a good idea if you're in the vicinity where med admissions could hear or see you talking about it in detail? Not just for you both but in case others are around
  2. That's kind of the point, silly if they weren't, each MD graduating class would have 1500 students!
  3. I've been directing my efforts towards family med since birth. If that's taken from me, I'm going to lose it watch out CARMS!
  4. Let's all just expect the worst and prepare for a year of other stuff/misery, and if it works out on May 15th, it'll be a wonderful happy surprise! And if not, we've already expected not to get in do it for all my exams and it works; not healthy, but works!
  5. I really enjoyed it this year! If you look at last years MMI video, it came up in April so I'm assuming the same for this one. I bombed it too we'll write the new mcat together! I got a lot of neutral faces in mine but one station in particular showed the interviewer trying to be really apathetic. Didn't want to shake hands, tried really hard to show a sour face, and acted like it was a chore to get a prompting question for me; got a bit of a laugh out of them but then I could tell they tried really hard to show like they didn't care or were angry.
  6. Why don't you consider methods of studying that are suitable for you? I have a few friends with ADHD and they realize that flashcards are the best approach. Takes about a few hours sporadically in a term to make them, and you just flip through cards for about 5-10 mins at a time. No need for extensive study sessions that you feel you can no longer focus or get distracted; quick and easy way for constant exposure and studying. And you don't need research for med school. It's an unwritten rule of getting in (either it helps you get in or those who get in just do research too) but its not necessary. Remember, ADHD doesn't define you but it is still an integral part of your being. Don't push it under the rug or consider it a weakness. It's part of who you are and try to manage life with it. Maybe use it as inspiration for your experiences (e.g. working with students who have learning disabilities, trying to work in a psychology lab about attention, etc) and show that you have made the most of your time using ADHD to make a greater difference and not let it get in the way of what you dream of
  7. Lots of fun today! Great atmosphere from students, pretty basic mmi setup, questions were interesting and interviewers were meh. Overall, I think it went great but not enough to push me into the admitted group of applicants especially with my marks and ECs. Need a miracle to get in, but nice experience nonetheless.
  8. Good luck to all applicants this weekend! Remember, you've made it this far and surpassed the majority of applicants to get here. Keep a level head, be calm, try to enjoy the interview process, and lose yourself in the passage
  9. Based on what doctak said, it may be distributed across based on proportions? Like 85% IP vs. 15% OOP for all offers? Unless they have 2 separate waitlists for IP and OOP which makes WAYYYYY more sense. I know a bunch of IPs last year that went to Alberta or other OOP schools so once they fill the 15% quota, if even, the rest should be sent to IPs.
  10. I understand your anxiety but you're lucky you have multiple interviews so your chances increase a bit. It might be might to deal with having graduated already and wanting to not "waste more time" but just remember you're doing the best you can, surely you have a great chance from receiving interviews, and you only have the concern with one station. If medicine isn't meant for you, or I, or anyone else, then what else can we do? Only so long for us to spend years and years applying when life is continuing to fly by without us. Generic tips but make sure you have a backup plan, commit to applying a few times before you (temporarily) move on, then try again later. But don't put everything else on hold if you don't have to. Medicine is too competitive and always ends up being such a gamble so do your best, be happy with your efforts, have no regrets, and continue to live life whether it works out now, later, or never
  11. Don't worry I had a bunch of screwed up stations (multiple per interview) this year and I don't think I have a shot at all now. You're lucky it was only one that you're doubting yourself on. Most times, I feel like we cannot judge ourselves in this. Maybe you said what the interviewer wanted to hear and if not, at least you answered the way you would in this situation so it showed your natural side. I'm dying right now from my interviews knowing that I messed up a lot but I did my best at the time under the pressure, tried to be confident and charismatic, and answered with a response that came to me at the time. Don't stress too much! These things happen and you cannot really say or do much until you find out. Hang in there, PM me if you'd like, and just enjoy these few months! Whatever happened, happened. Just remember that many people, like me, screwed up much worse than you did and you don't even know where you stand in the eyes of the interviewers or admissions committees. Wait and then decide how to improve for next year...or how you'll celebrate for getting in WOOOO! premed101 posting virginity gone!
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