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  1. Timestamp: 9:06 am May 13 Result: Waitlist Program: MD Year: Last year of undergrad cGPA: 3.73 Highest year: 3.82 Highest two years: 3.78 MCAT: 14/13/14 ECs: Not competitive. Evaluated as 17/50 by UBC for comparison. PM for details. Interview: MMI had some quite good stations. Panel was mediocre; my subjective feeling was that the panel questions might not be very good at differentiating between applicants. I preferred the Western panel. Removing myself for Western. Congratulations to those accepted and best of luck to those on wait list. Queen's is a unique school.
  2. Timestamp: May 13 2015 1:11 pm Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Accepted In Province (IP)/ Out of Province(OOP): OOP AGPA(x.xx/4.5): 4.5/4.5 MCAT (xx.xx/15): 13.625 Rural/Non-Rural: The ultimate city boy Advanced Academics (PhD, pubs, academic appointment): None Accepting Offer/Declining Offer: Declining for Schulich Really enjoyed the time I spent at U of Manitoba waiting for the interview. The MS1s were chill and there were a couple of applicants who were just hilarious. Best of luck to all who haven't heard or are on waitlist.
  3. Timestamp: 12:09 PM May 13 Result: Accepted - Unspecified campus Program : MD Year: Last year of undergrad cGPA: 3.73 Highest year: 3.82 Highest two years: 3.78 MCAT: 14/13/14 SWOMEN: No ECs: Not competitive. PM for details. Interview: I thought it was average but I think I said a number of things that made me seem honest and "real" but that a lot of my friends afterwards told me I shouldn't have said (e.g. I admitted to reading an ethics book to prep for interviews). I am extremely excited and will be accepting this offer. EDIT: London specified May 28 2:56 pm.
  4. Rejected NS MCAT 41 14-13-14 GPA 3.7 best two years ECs: weak 4th year undergrad First time application My Scores GPA & MCAT: 22 / 25 Essay & Supplemental: 17 / 35 Interview: 27.60 / 40 Total: 66.60 / 100 Averages for NS Accepted GPA: 3.9 = 14 / 15 MCAT: 30 = 8 / 10 Essay & Supplemental: 28 / 35 Interview: 32 / 40
  5. Mad props to whoever's staying late in the Dal admissions office
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