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  1. I was admitted this year and completed my undergrad at Western. Between the two years, I had six full-course equivalent credits taken online. Also, Western has a distinct course code for online courses, so it would have been clear that was the case.
  2. Got the call at 4:54! Accepted to Windsor campus! I'm not sure that I've fully processed it actually happened...
  3. You think you're neurotic? My wife decided to look at every year she could find. She read back far enough that people were waiting for letters in the mail and asking what the envelopes looked like. I can't imagine having to wait for physical mail to arrive. From past cycles, she found a couple recent Thursdays where they got started with waitlist offers. 2017: Thursday 2016: Thursday 2015: Friday 2014: Friday 2013: Friday 2012: Monday 2011: Tuesday Obviously we're no closer to knowing when things will start to move, but I guess it helps to stay busy, right?
  4. I'll make a late addition to the results as I try to stave off anxiety during the long wait... Result: High Waitlist Timestamp: May 14, 8:55am 2 yr GPA: 3.89 MCAT: 126/132/127/130 Interview: I felt that my interview went fairly well. Overall, I think I connected with the panel and didn't have any major blunders. However, there were a few questions where I could have done better, which might be reflective of where I've ended up. Specifically, I think I did better on the more situational or ethics-based types of questions. Despite having some unique EC's, I don't think I did enough to highlight them when given the chance. I probably could have created more explicit links between my EC's and success in medicine, but it's tough to tell how much of a factor that was. Aside from those general thoughts, there was one question where I strongly feel I weakened my chance at an outright offer. Without giving away specifics, it was a type of question that most applicants could answer in the same way. It was a straightforward question and I quickly answered with a very basic response. With a little more consideration, I could have offered something more compelling. I didn't say anything stupid, but it was definitely boring and predictable. At this point, I assume small differences can result in very different outcomes for applicants. Geography: SWOMEN EC's: with the greater emphasis on EC's, I'll share the main activities I submitted in my application - Six years as a stepfather, father, and husband (emphasized the teamwork and leadership necessary to keep a family running from day to day) - Three years teaching anatomy and physiology at the post-secondary level - Fourteen years as a member of a competitive martial arts team, which included coaching, team training, and competition up to the professional level in mixed martial arts - Seven years practicing as a registered massage therapist - Over a year as a foster parent to a teenager I relied on a smaller number of highly-involved EC's, with a few minor ones that I mentioned during interview. I was very happy with how my aABS turned out and hoped to use my EC's as a strength during interview. I don't think I quite succeeded, but hopefully it's brought me far enough for an offer off the waitlist.
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