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  1. So long story short, if I get a 60 in every class I can still get a good job?
  2. I suggest trying dental schools abroad (US, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand) if money isn't an issue
  3. That's why it's super important to not choose dentistry solely for the money. You have to think what if my salary was decreased by X amount, would I still do it? For me I don't really care. In fact, I wouldn't mind it decreasing so that people can finally stop thinking or telling me "you only want to be a dentist for the money". I hate those kinds of comments about dentistry so I hope it changes soon.
  4. I don't think it matters as long as you show up with clothes on
  5. Oh really? I've never heard about the "class is full" rule. But I've heard of people getting into medical school the day before school started (a few days into September). All I'm trying to say is don't completely lose hope, I am rooting for you!
  6. If people get off the waitlist for another dental school, medical school or any other program, and prefer that school or program over U of T, they will give up 4000.
  7. Don't worry guys, there is still one month left.
  8. You may have a chance at Western if you get a good reading comp score on the DAT (probably need around a 20 to score an interview and above 21 to be competitive after the interview), improve your extracurriculars and ace your interview. Uoft is a long shot. You'll need to do a 5th year of undergrad to bump up your gpa, and possibly a master's to score an interview at UofT. If you are a Quebec resident, you may have a chance at McGill if you have a stellar CV and personal statement.
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