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  1. Hahaha thanks for clarifying! That's what I thought too. I guess the acceptance feels so unreal that I keep doubting myself with every little thing
  2. Reading this thread is starting to make feel a little paranoid. I didn't cheat/lie on my ABS like the OP's friend, but looking over it right now, I think I might have potentially overestimated my hours for a few (4-5) activities. I didn't go around intentionally adding hours - at the time, I made a rough estimate for the activities that didn't have a official record of hours based on the number of hours that I worked each week and the total number of weeks worked. I think in making these estimates and trying to make my application the best that I could, I might have miscalculated/unintentionally exaggerated those activities by like 5-10 hours each. Doesn't help that a lot of these took place quite a while ago, so my memory is already rusty about how much time I actually spent on them. This never even occurred to me until now! I've already accepted an offer to med school, but now am starting to feel like a fraud as I keep second-guessing myself... :/
  3. It wasn't that long, nor do I think I said anything unethical, but I forgot to discuss some key points relevant to the question. Sigh... It's going to be a long, painful wait until May 12.
  4. Wow, that seems like a lot of waitlist movement for Ottawa! I hope it is the same this year as they do offer so few spots initially.
  5. Do you think that doing poorly on one station could significantly affect your chances of getting in or does the entire interview performance/score count towards the final decision? I'm worried I messed up one particular question at a station and might have "failed" that station as a result, although I do think I did fine for the second half of the station. I feel pretty content about the rest of the interview and the other components of my application. I know I'm posing this question to premeds who are in the same boat as me or to someone who can't disclose much of the decision-making process, but I thought to ask anyway, as my performance in that station is stressing me out grrr... Any current U of T med students feel that they didn't do well on some of the stations and still end up getting in?
  6. Thanks for your reply! You'd think that the stress would end after the interview is done, but it's actually more stressful now and I even miss the time when I was just prepping for my interviews. I'm sorry to hear that you think you messed up on your MMIs. The MMI is very challenging in my opinion, and I think most people do feel like they didn't do so well on at least one station. I guess the reason why I'm so anxious this year is because it is my second time applying and I've already done my undergrad, so I really really want to get in this year and not have to go through this again. I also have multiple interviews this year, so the pressure is really on to get in SOMEWHERE. This whole process is such a huge emotional roller coaster and already I am dreading the prospect of dealing with no post-interview acceptances.
  7. NVM, I've checked the websites of the three schools that I'm interested in, and it turns out, that the old MCAT will work for all! Phew
  8. I'm sorry if this question has already been answered before, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if for the next application cycle (2015-16), will any Ontario schools be requiring all applicants to have written the new MCAT, or will we still be eligible if we have use our scores for the old MCAT (Written in 2013)?
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