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  1. beeboop

    Pediatric Rheumatology

  2. beeboop

    Pediatric Rheumatology

    bruh have you never heard of JIA
  3. wow I hope this is a troll post because otherwise you are seriously a narcissistic douche. Very glad you decided to stay far away from medicine.
  4. beeboop

    Research for MSM CaRMS!!

    researching men who have sex with men for carms?
  5. does anyone know how the clerkship awards work (ie the ones that you get nominated by the clerkship director for each rotation)? Like when do we find out if we got them or not, what does it ential, and is it in time for carms? Thanks!
  6. beeboop


    to your second question: most programs specifically say that the letter should be from someone who worked with your clinically, and some state that at max 1 letter can be from non-clinical people like researchers.
  7. beeboop

    CASPer Prep

    which ones? for psych it looks like only uSask needs it.
  8. beeboop

    Speciality Closest to Derm

    family for sure...that was one of the biggest surprises to me on my fam med rotation, how high the % of patients you saw was derm complaints lol.
  9. beeboop

    Cap in number of Electives

    western already does this, you can only do 12 weeks in 1 speciality and have to do at least 3 different specialities.
  10. this isn't america, almost nobody in canada wears white coats anyway lmao
  11. its a vestige of american-centered thinking in medicine- in US, psych is definitely under-paid, mostly because the surgeons/private practice make obscene amounts of money there. The situation is much different here given our funding/billing structure.
  12. beeboop

    Will I ever be ready

    even with all the anxiety and complaining, 85% of people get their first choice speciality and >90%+ match. That is objectively good odds.
  13. what do you mean "appealing an initial rejection"? You can literally just call the school and say "hey why did you reject me" and theyll give you an interview?