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  1. so theres 2 spots in all of canada for IMG uro. Simply put you cant just be 'competitive", you have to be the best candidate there. Do everything you can in terms of 100% uro electives, as much research as you can, connections everywhere you can.
  2. programs are under no obligation to fill their spots. Some programs are fine with leaving that spot unfilled (ridiculous i know, given the number of unmatched students, but yeah)
  3. no. seems cheesy tbh. just thank them at the end of the interview.
  4. beeboop

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    invite on december 7th. CMG.
  5. psych. Its literally the wild wild west out there in terms of choosing meds/therapy at this point lmao- look at any guidelines, all based on little/poor evidence, and then theres like 5+ "first line" treatments that are all equal to each other. You can find 5 different psychiatrists treating the exact same patient 5 different ways.
  6. beeboop

    Summer Break Pre-CaRMS Electives

    we get two weeks off between end of last 3rd year rotation and 1st 4th year elective.
  7. beeboop

    Summer Break Pre-CaRMS Electives

    let people do whatever they want man. You do you ,no need to judge what others are doing.
  8. family med is the new derm, bro! but in all seriousness, I think a ton of people are backing up with it/have switched to all-in on it this year (at least in my class-people are just sick of the stress of CaRMS/no jobs in certain specialities), so family had a large pool to choose from this year. Still will probably be among the least competitive, but I suspect it wont be a walk-on like in previous years.
  9. the states does this too for the most part. They dont even let students write progress notes, lmao...
  10. in canada? zero. I never opened those books and dont know anyone else that did, and did more than fine. For canada, Toronto Notes >>> everything else.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has any ballpark numbers for how people are interviewed for psych programs, since I cant find any info about this and it would be helpful to just have a ballpark number. Thanks!
  12. definitely not. I would find it incredibly annoying and entitled for an applicant to "appeal" a rejection.
  13. beeboop

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    TFW family med is this years derm lmao