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  1. Hello guys, Just seeing whether someone is in a similar situation or have suggestions on what I should/could do. So I applied to Mac last year (my only application) and was rejected preinterview, I'm applying again this year. My situation is unique. So I went to a contemporary dance college for 3 years, finished when I was 21 and went on to work as a professional dancer for about 5 years or so here in Canada, Australia, and Asia. I was not happy and decided to go back to school to pursue medicine because I wanted to continue working with the body, and I also hated teaching dance. So my college has a joint program with York where I got my Bachelors of Fine Arts with Honours in dance where I finished last April, I was able to squeeze in some science courses like first year bio and biochemistry, but came out with a garbage cGPA of 3.5. Mostly because I think I only had 2 years of undergraduate courses (66 credits) that counted, even though everything was A+/A and B+s with two Cs... Started a Masters of Arts last September in Dance Kinesiology at York, but did not know most schools do not accept graduate credits towards GPA. This is my thesis year so I'm thinking of taking undergrad course (8 courses) through Athabasca to fulfil the necessary 90 credits for most Ontario schools, along with writing my thesis. Am I crazy to do this? I just want to plan ahead if I don't get an interview this year I'll have everything lined up and ready to go for the next cycle. I'm 29 now, and I might be 30, 31, maybe 32 when I start? What I should have done was use this past year to do the extra undergrad courses, but I was persuaded by the department to do a masters, that was a mistake. I also didn't know that undergrad GPA and courses was all it mattered to admissions. I am applying to Mac again this year, only school I'm eligible to apply for in Ontario and some US schools (if i smash the MCAT). I was going to do Calgary also, but my GPA was 0.02 points short of their out of province cut off... Anyways, I feel very defeated at the moment with the amount of work I'm going have to do next year, plus the cost of paying out of pocket to complete 8 courses. This whole process has just been ticking off boxes for me... But hey, I might get lucky and land an interview with Mac.
  2. You can do it at Ryerson it's down the street. But you might have to sign up as a non-degree student which you'll have to pay out of pocket (OSAP won't pay for non-degree). I'm a BFA dance major at York right now and I'm doing all my prereqs at York. I'm doing my MCAT this summer and apply this fall.
  3. Hey guys, I'm also very interested in applying for Mac this coming fall. Are there any arts students there at the moment? I'm applying with a BFA honours in dance, GPA 3.70 (I think) or 7.83 York GPA (not sure if anyone can work out a 4.0 system for me...). I was getting straight As and ended up with a B+ in one class, SO ANGRY! Doing MCAT in August, and I guess I would have to score pretty high on the CARS section eh? Not sure how they'll view my degree because it's very non-tradition and most people I talk to seemed a bit shocked when I tell them I want to do med. But hey, I've worked with my body my entire life, and I want to keep working with the body! Anyway, any tips would be great for a dancer applying to medical school!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new to IPS. I've read up on some really helpful posts on this forum regarding med-school applications. After 3 years of traveling and living abroad and currently working as a professional dancer, I've decided to returning to Uni in september to complete my degree (BFA-Bachelor of fine arts, with honours in dance). I've worked with children living with HIV in Thailand with other artists and musicians, and have seen broken health care systems in many Asian countries, which made me consider medicine as a career. I've also tried teaching dance abroad and found out how much I hated teaching and working with young children. I felt very lost after coming home to Canada, and was looking for an alternative career/going back to school. I wanted something that involved high stress, being on your feet all the time, I wanted to continue to work with the body, a career that's hands on and crafty involving physical practise (like surgery), and also with enough peer competition to keep me engaged (I can get bored very quickly). I would literally collapse and die if I had to work an office from 9-5 with a set schedule, or sit in front of a computer (props to those who can do it)! Anyhow, I will be starting 3rd year in September and will be getting into all the pre-requisite classes, and I'm currently reviewing all my high school sciences (bio, chem, physics, and maths) where I've managed to achieve a 92% average across. I know most people sit their MCAT after third year uni, but I don't think I will be ready for the summer of 2016 so I might have to take it after my last year. I would like to know if there're anyone on here who are in similar situations? Applying to medical school with a BFA especially from the performing arts? Also, anyone with suggestions regarding MCAT taking, whether you think with 1 year or 1 and a half year of university hard sciences is enough? I know I shouldn't rush things, but I'll be 26 going into third year, and if I wait another year it'll mean I would enter med school when I'm 29 (if I can get in)... That's why I want to try and see if I can sit the exam after third year like everyone els, and try applying in my fourth year... Any suggestions/comments/advice would be amazing! Lastly, I will try for schools in Canada though I know it's nearly impossible to get in, and with my non-traditional background not sure how they'll view me... (I have a feeling it's going to be something like a fat dancer going to a ballet audition...). I will also try for American schools, but my first choice would be Sydney University in Australia since I lived there for 2 years and would really love to spend my life there.
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