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  1. criston

    CMA backpacks

    I'm thinking of removing the MD Financial patch from my existing blue backpack... I don't want to be a walking advertisement anymore! I wonder how often students remove that haha
  2. If they can write a reference letter that can help demonstrate some positive character traits of yours, I think it would be great! Personal anecdotes/examples help to illustrate those personal qualities. Just because you're not working for a company is not a bad thing --- rather, you're entrepreneurial! That's starting your own business, communicating with others, and managing client expectations.
  3. I would have thought that many more students would decide to quit school in first year or later, realizing that medical school / medicine is no longer suitable for them. Does anyone know of any classmates who decided to leave? [I feel that many students dream of quitting school!]
  4. With all the negative talk out there about the stresses of clerkship and residency, I've been hearing many wonder whether going through medical school and residency are really worth the end result - i.e."giving up" some of the prime years of their life doing something they are marginally passionate about. They tell me that they feel trapped and don't have any other alternative career. I'm interested to hear of anecdotes of students who decided to leave medical school partway through in order to pursue a different career path, if anyone has any to share!
  5. You might also want to consider McMaster, if you're willing to move out to Ontario. Their admissions criteria are much more objective, based on your GPA, only the CARS section of the MCAT, and an online test (Casper). You also get a bonus for having completed a masters degree. You don't need any undergraduate science courses and Mac doesn't require any of the science portions of the MCAT. I also come from a non-trad background, where I did tax work. If it's something you really want to do and you're willing to make some sacrifices, do it while you still can!
  6. Thanks! Apart from the very few that the school has a program with, does anyone know whether it is easy to organize international electives (i.e. finding preceptors in other countries)? Is there like a database with international organizations?
  7. Have you heard of some students doing multiple international electives? Considering that Mac doesn't have much vacation time but has the most weeks of electives, I was thinking that by international electives could be like vacation in the sense that I could do some travel at the same time.
  8. Hmm, I think Mac considers them to be undergraduate and would be included: http://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/faq "Law degrees (LLB and JD) in Canadian law schools are undergraduate degrees. This includes Osgood Hall law school. The grades from your Canadian Law degree will be included in the GPA calculation and the courses will be included towards the minimum number of courses required." Maybe in some cases where you're in a joint law degree with another masters program it would be consider graduate...? But I think generally its considered undergraduate.
  9. Just putting it out there - one option as an arts student is to only apply to McMaster, at least initially. McMaster only looks at the CARS section of the MCAT and ignores the rest, and the school has no science pre-requisites for admission. For example, if you want to start applying this year and you don't have time to learn the science sections well, just prep well for CARS, and only write the CARS section sometime this summer. In essence, you register for the MCAT, and you guess all the questions that are in the other sections. This might be a viable option if you have a good GPA and you have good critical reasoning/reading skills. This strategy is not that uncommon for arts students with no science background - I personally know three people who did this and got in to Mac. I hear that, one downside though, is if you want to apply to the U.S. subsequently and need to rewrite the MCAT, they might not look favourably on low scores. Check out the McMaster 2019 class profile - your 3.8 GPA stands a decent chance with a good CARS score! http://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/docs/default-source/admissions/classof2019.pdf?sfvrsn=2
  10. Would you mind expanding on what CARMS places might look at your undergrad? Is it certain programs or schools for example? (I have a humanities undergrad, so I might want to know if I need to put in some extra work in medical school in case I want to pursue certain specialties)
  11. criston

    Backpack color

    Burgundy would be great... That's McMaster's school color, right?
  12. This set of Examkrackers MCAT, 10th Edition books is in very good condition (9/10) - these are the newest version of the Examkrackers set! The books are in great condition because I only read the books for several hours - and then I decided that MCAT science was too challenging for me... There were some light pencil marks on a few pages in total (at most 20 pages), which have since been for the most part erased. There are absolutely no markings on the pages with quizzes or exams, and there are no pen or highlighter markings anywhere in the books. The pages and the corners of the pages are in 9.5//10 condition. See photo below regarding the condition of the books. I am looking for $200 for the full set. Includes all 6 books in the set, plus the box: Reasoning Skills Biology 1 Biology 2 Psychology & Sociology Chemistry Physics I am available in Richmond Hill and downtown Toronto on the Yonge subway line. Thanks a lot! If you have any questions about the books, let me know!
  13. I'm in the exact same boat on this - we'll probably meet at Mac! I'd like to hear some thoughts too on some possible preparation, especially from students who are from a non-science background! i.e. skimming over MCAT science material? Getting familiar with some basics?
  14. Result: Accepted to Hamilton Time Stamp: 8:30am cGPA: 3.9 Year: Graduated CARS: 128 Interviews: I thought I missed the point and bombed one of them, but great on the rest. Geography: IP Glad to have got the acceptance this year! Spent a lot of time during my commute reading up on health policy, current issues, ethics and interpersonal skills. More importantly, every week, I prepped with a few people I met through this forum. I think it helped a lot talking about interview topics with people who I didn't know well, to better simulate the MMI process and to receive different feedback. I'm happy to have made some friends through the interview process!
  15. criston

    Medicine Admission Advice

    Is it because mcmaster prefers older applicants or women, or is it because these groups do better on Casper and the interview?