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  1. Yes. I took those to keep my options open for fellowships. It's easier to take usmle while you are in med school. And, I was pretty hopeful and confident about CaRMS match so I didn't apply for NRMP.
  2. I am a CMG. Yes. You don't need step 3 for J1 visa. But, I am hoping to get a H1B, which requires step 3.
  3. I think it's NRMP match day tomorrow. I have given up on 2nd iteration. I will be applying to NRMP next year. I have already taken step 1, CK, and CS but need to take step 3 before applying.
  4. Anyone heard anything yet from peds programs (except from ottawa)?
  5. I don't think programs send invites over the weekend.
  6. If there is not enough one on one interaction with preceptors, some of them will not be willing to write you a letter. That will happen alot in specialties with large team such as internal medicine or surgery where you will be mostly on the ward working with the residents and only see your preceptors during rounds for a few hours. When I did my electives, I tried to find opportunities to work with them in clinics, because you will be likely to present cases to them directly in clinic sessions. Also, I think doing a 3 week elective is preferable to 2 weeks if you want to get a good personalized letter from your preceptor.
  7. So far people have received invites from Western family, Western psych, Ottawa peds, and NOSM obgyn. Please post when you received invites because it will be beneficial to everyone else.
  8. i am guessing the programs don't send out invites during the weekend.
  9. Anyone applied for MUN neuro and peds? still waiting for interview from them
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