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  1. Hey, I thought it was pretty starightforward and not extensively detailed. I would say it was a fair test. I studied from the CD they recommended in the e-mail (or maybe it was recommended here on the forums), can't exactly remember, sorry!
  2. Acceptance/Waitlisted/Rejected: Waitlisted and then accepted this morning Best 2-year GPA (with full courseload or not?): 88.4% (Full course load) DAT score (RC + AA): 21 + 21 Interview Thoughts: I thought it went well but because I was on the wait list for so long, I had started to think I did bad Year (UG, Masters, PhD): UG completed in 2014 Geography (IP/OOP): IP Result (Accepting/Rejecting): Accepting excited to meet everyone Good luck to those waiting to hear back
  3. Good luck with your decision Please keep us updated if you end up dropping your seat at Western
  4. Where is it located in Toronto? or could I have the name of the centre?
  5. Nope, it would be 89%. You are not suppose to divide anything by 95. Just convert all your grades to the % value and then average those.
  6. Hey, Can someone please comment on chances of receiving an interview as an OOP applicant with no maritime connection? I am asking for a friend who has a 3.85 GPA in her last 2 years, 30 MCAT and has decent ECs with 2 publications and 1 accepted for publication.
  7. It would be the middle number of the range..so 87% for an A and 95% for A+
  8. So does it mean that for the class of 2018, the waitlist moved completely to get to 54 students (2 short of the actual class size)?
  9. What time did people receive calls? and what does the caller id say? I also think some invites were sent today because there are 3 people who just got added to the Facebook group. I am assuming they got off the wait list or maybe they were just late to join the group? lol
  10. I don't mean to rush you guys, but just want to clarify - Are you both planning on paying the deposit at Schulich and then decide between the two schools or do you plan on deciding before the June 1st deposit deadline?
  11. Does anyone know if Schulich Dent calls a few times on each number provided on the Student Center or just once on each number before moving onto the next person on the waitlist? Thanks!
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