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  1. I know, its crazy! Please share with other people, we should get asbestos products off the market.
  2. Most people may think that asbestos is not related to their life, but those people are forgetting about automobile brake pads: "In 2016 there are still too many brake pads that contain asbestos being imported and sold in Canada," said Rick Jamieson, President, CEO and Co-founder of ABS Friction. "In fact, imports of asbestos-related items rose to $6-million in 2014 from $4.9-million in 2013 and the bulk of these goods consisted of asbestos brake linings and pads, which hit $3.6-million in imports in 2014, a seven-year high."
  3. "More troubling still, at recent UN meetings the federal government has again expressed doubt that so-called chrysotile asbestos should be covered under the Rotterdam Convention, an international treaty on hazardous materials. Its rationale? “It has not been proven that chrysotile asbestos causes cancer.” ... One hundred and fifty thousand Canadian workers are exposed to asbestos every year. Thousands of those workers will be diagnosed with cancer as a direct result of their exposure in coming years."
  4. Prof. Alain Tremblay at the University of Calgary's Cumming School of Medicine: "According to a Worker's Compensation Board report,19 of 24 workplace deaths [in Alberta] so far this year were traced back to asbestos exposure."
  5. Yeah basically there is no such thing as a safe form of the material, sorta surprised its taking this long to ban it (but then again, Asbestos Quebec is a real town, so maybe not that surprising).
  6. Hey all, quick follow up, Globe and Mail recently did a piece on the impact of asbestos in Canada, consider reading it and signing the e-petition mentioned above: "A first-ever estimate of the toll of asbestos-related cancers on society pegs the cost of new cases at $1.7-billion per year in Canada, and notes that is likely an under-estimate."
  7. Hey all, So there is an official e-petition to ban asbestos in Canada present on the federal government's website which is closed for signature on Aug 26, 2016 12:32PM EDT, all the details are in the e-petition: https://petitions.parl.gc.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-325. The e-petition requires 500 signatures to receive a response from the federal government. I figured I'd share it with all of you, seeing how health care oriented we all are on this forum. I have already signed the e-petition as well (my name does not appear anywhere on the e-petition page). If you have any questions/concerns about signing, feel free to ask them here!
  8. Update on this topic: Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Eric Hoskins put forward Bill 210 to (among other things) dismantle the CCACs and Bill 198 to enhance immunization of school pupils.
  9. Why's PM&R so competitive this time around?
  10. Are towns like Parry Sound, Gravenhurst and Bracebridge considered part of Northern Ontario? How does NOSM view living in towns such as these (if anyone knows more about it)? I've looked through posts on this subforum before, was surprised to hear towns like these are likely considered Northern Ontario, but I understand the reasoning why. Just wondering if they still are considered Northern Ontario in 2016.
  11. Generally speaking, I agree with you. See what can happen when you use full sentences not focused on Ryerson to explain yourself! Now comes the hard part, making what you suggested happen.
  12. Fair enough, please specify what changes you would like to see made based on your experience.
  13. I do not understand why you are so bitter towards Ryerson and it's graduates. They are a legitimate university, their grading schemes are acceptable for application to medicine and dentistry, they have strong engineering programs and increasingly tight scientific research connections with St. Mike's Hospital and others. Clearly UWO dent admissions saw this woman's application and thought she was highly qualified for entry into dental school, your comprehensive analysis of her honour roll record notwithstanding.
  14. Keep in mind, these recommendations you're citing came out before the Auditor General's 2015 report (again, see my response to ralk for links). I haven't been able to read in full both reports you linked yet (they are long), but I did get a feeling from what I did read in them (mostly the Recommendations) that CCACs are shifting costs away from patients to administration and that the LHINs need to be given more power to meet their mandate. I too am skeptical that if CCACs are just subsumed into LHINs that much will change, but at least we're discussing it!
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