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  1. Dermviser

    US Residencies and CaRMS

    How about derm?
  2. Dermviser

    Working as a FM Doc vs owning a FM practice?

    Do you recommend we use our tuition tax credits during residency or save them once we are staff?
  3. Dermviser

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    What programs do you think will be the most affected at UofT and McGill, two programs highly dependent on Saudi residents?
  4. Hello I'm an Ontario resident (ID and driver's license), but am doing my medical residency in Quebec. I was wondering where should I be paying my taxes? Would I be taxed under an Ontario or Quebec resident? Thank you.
  5. Canadaqbanks blows. UWorld, although completely different to the MCCQE1 is the best resource, IMO, as it prepares you the best knowledge base wise.
  6. Dermviser

    Endocrinologist Lack Of Info

    Fully agree, that's why medical students should have access to these numbers. I am unfortunately not a member of the OMA so do not have access to this information. Fair, I understand the counter argument. However, would it be possible for you or anyone on the forum to PM me the link and/or PDF file? Thanks!
  7. Dermviser

    Endocrinologist Lack Of Info

    Could someone please share the PDF? We already have so much limited data pertaining to compensation/billing, why can't the PDF be shared?
  8. Dermviser

    Endocrinologist Lack Of Info

    Could you please post the data?
  9. Dermviser

    Endocrinologist Lack Of Info

    Do you have PDF?
  10. Dermviser

    Decision day

    How did you do that? What app?
  11. Dermviser

    FM transfers

    @anj88 Are you an incoming PGY1 starting in July 2018?
  12. Dermviser

    What's On Your Mind?

    wtf? is that allowed?
  13. I know of a guy that applied to ortho, didn't match, took a year to do research, then matched to ortho the following year.
  14. Dermviser

    Mccqe Part 1 Study Study

    Which UWorld did you do? Which USMLE test bank?
  15. Dermviser

    Dermatology vs. Family Med

    Does that help boost someone's salary?
  16. Dermviser

    Unfilled carms spots

    Any reason McGill-Montreal has some spots left over? I though McGill Family Medicine was one of the top family medicine program in the country? I understand they must be quite selective?
  17. Dermviser

    Unfilled carms spots

    They were very picky with who they interviewed
  18. How are you staying busy until Match day? Myself, I'm trying not to think about it too much. I started watching Dexter.
  19. Where did you see those results?
  20. Dermviser

    Keeping busy until Match day

    Did they just call in sick?
  21. When do program directors know who has matched to their program?
  22. Dermviser

    Keeping busy until Match day

    Can't you just call in sick? No one will question you and just think you are ill.