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  1. sykern

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    Ooooo I see what you’re saying. That I’m not sure. But the wait list as you see moves fast!
  2. sykern

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    I wish I knew but I have no idea. I think the waitlist is exactly what the person above said. The rest get rejected. It’s just less likely to be posted here.
  3. Omg I’m sad you didn’t get into queens but CONGRATS ON UBC!!!
  4. sykern

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    In my year they went out in two week batches!
  5. There’s definitely hope!!! My panel felt the same way a few years ago, and I also got off the waitlist. It’s a gruelling wait but just keep busy and business as usual. I ended up getting off the waitlist during a super busy shift at work!
  6. Nope doesn't work that way at all. That would be neurotic.. We contact if we have concerns / red flags come up.
  7. I knew those pictures / vids looked familiar
  8. sykern

    Queens Waitlist 2018

  9. sykern

    Pediatrics at Queen's?

    The peds team @ QUeen's is amaze. They have a strong Twitter presence too!
  10. Come to the clinical skills session!!!! Session will be held by yours truly and my other fellow classmates ;). Bonus - I'm a former nurse, so I have some tricks up my sleeve.
  11. sykern

    Do we get paper to write on?

    Yeah, you'll get a little booklet and a pencil that you have to give back afterward :).