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  1. I knew those pictures / vids looked familiar
  2. sykern

    Queens Waitlist 2018

  3. sykern

    Pediatrics at Queen's?

    The peds team @ QUeen's is amaze. They have a strong Twitter presence too!
  4. Come to the clinical skills session!!!! Session will be held by yours truly and my other fellow classmates ;). Bonus - I'm a former nurse, so I have some tricks up my sleeve.
  5. sykern

    Do we get paper to write on?

    Yeah, you'll get a little booklet and a pencil that you have to give back afterward :).
  6. sykern

    Queens MD Invites/Regrets 2018

  7. sykern

    Backpack color

    Ummm... you pulled that from someone's Facebook
  8. Accepted Off Waitlist!!!!! Time Stamp 13:01 I cannot believe this EDIT: I'll post my stats. cGPA: 3.5 LOL. 2 yr GPA 3.87-3.9 MCAT: 513 this year, 126 CARS, 510 last year with 127 CARS EC's: Extensive - lots of experience in mental health, and I tried to make my ABS personal Interview: MMI - I'd say I felt like I rocked a few, mediocre on like 2 and one I was really disappointed with. Panel was fine but they definitely tried to push me to my limit lol.
  9. ME TOOOO AHHHHH EDIT: im literally at work at the busiest day of life shaking
  10. Mine is still pending toooooo.
  11. sykern

    Post-Interview Talks

    anyone feel there's a glitch and that a lot more people are getting waitlisted than usual? Is this me being overly hopeful??
  12. TIME STAMP: 9:15 am EST RESULTS: Waitlisted :/ See interview invite thread for stats... and now we wait.
  13. sykern

    Post-Interview Talks

    24 hours.... cue mass panic