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  1. Most definitely! Without giving too much away, my partner is also ecstatic since the family and friends are from Alberta. I'm hoping crowdiddly who posted above me is the gentleman I met on second iteration travels who had a nuclear family unit in Saskatoon. If you are, you really deserve this - you were so concerned about your child's schooling when we chatted. If you're someone else, well, obviously you deserve it too, and I wish you the best!
  2. Matched Calgary FM. Very pleased with this - was not asked to interview in first round.
  3. I did not specifically ask Calgary whether Skype/phone interviews would be possible. I was lucky enough to get a Saturday interview slot, so I will fly out on Friday afternoon and back on Saturday evening. Total cost $1500~, plus hotel. Heard from UofA - Fort McMurray. Skype or in person in Edmonton. I will Skype.
  4. Invited: FM- Manitoba, Ottawa, Calgary Calgary FM to be done in person. Man and Ottawa allow Skype/phone. Ottawa will allow in person. Haven't heard from Western.
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