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  1. When I was applying I think it was something like 500 characters. You're gonna get an error if you enter text longer than a certain amount of words/characters, so I would just enter a lot of text, save it and it'll tell you what the limit is in the error message...that's how I found it.
  2. I would probably change it slightly just to be safe - update it with things you learned from having applied one cycle and having gone to interview.
  3. No one knows except for the admission committee. Just do your best and stop worrying about things you can't control.
  4. I strongly agree with the above post, especially since I was an OOP student.
  5. I just did CaRMS this year and Publications had a few drop down menus, which included (but not limited to) abstract, poster, article, conference. The only formal way to identify whether a publication has been submitted/accepted vs published is by filling out the field "Publication web link". I was in this situation and for my submitted publication I just didn't fill out the publication web link. As to whether 4 submitted vs 1 published project have a difference in weighting is anyone's guess. Each program of each school will place different value on different things. Really can't answer this question other than to say published projects **probably** have more weight! Good luck!
  6. Yes you have to accept Dalhousie’s offer by their deadline and then lose the Dal deposit if you accept another offer in May.
  7. Agreed with all of the above - while keeping in mind that you should write your essay with the CanMEDS roles in mind, it's absolutely PARAMOUNT that you talk about what you have learned through your experience and how that relates to why you want to study medicine (e.g., learned the importance of humility through experience A, which will be invaluable in medicine because of reason A, B, C...you get the idea).
  8. Agree with above completely. Same thing happened at my school as well. Being sycophantic to the point of annoyance rarely works in your favour.
  9. Don’t worry guys, when it’s match day for residency you’ll be given the day and exact time. I found knowing exactly when your faith is decided was more stressful than just waking up one day with an email in your inbox. But until then, good luck to all applicants and stay strong!
  10. I think doing internal, emerg, and rads electives to get a “broad” experience is a good idea and they “work” (I.e., you can defend doing electives in them if asked at interview) with whatever you end up applying to. But I’d say do at least 8-10 weeks of electives in your desired speciality and afterwards you can broaden. Unless you want to back up with smth else, then consider doing some of those electives pre-CaRMS to get letters.
  11. Yep, my year it was Mar 17th. This was back in 2015.
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