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  1. Sorry if I am giving false information! I am just saying what I think. Doctorfresh also makes a good point.
  2. I called for OOP and no one on the waitlist had removed themselves
  3. I have never seen anyone post with a wGPA of 4 or 3.99 that has not gotten in. Probably because there are only 2 interview groups in the good waitlist category. I still strongly believe that this is true. I have read every waitlist thread on here since 2002. I know that we cannot take the forum for truth but it does tell us something.
  4. Yes I accepted. English stream. I also want to say do not give up hope if things do not work out this cycle. If you do not get in this cycle apply again! I am a graduate student. I think even though Ottawa does not look at your Masters it helps a lot for the interview. Doing my Masters helped me with public speaking. It also helped me answer interview questions. A lot of my friends are already in medicine and are all talking about doing a Masters afterwards. They also said that the students that have their Masters have a head start on their resume so its hard to compete with them. So for those debating between doing a firth or sixth year, also think of doing your Masters as an option. If you have any questions please feel free to pm me or ask on this thread. I want to help everyone as much as I possibly can. I also want to give a special shout out to Belle_MD, SlumdogMD, medafter30, Monika Chao, MD20, and damha for your support on this thread.
  5. Hey guys! The student MD20 was referring to was me. My wGPA is 3.90. I forget what the third decimal place was but I know it was under 5. I got the call on Friday.
  6. thanks for responding dshmed. Hoping we both hear back tomorrow.
  7. Does any one have a wGPA lower than 3.91?
  8. Hey thanks for much for the update and posting your wGPA! That seems like a big drop from the last wGPA we heard of of 3.98. I wonder if a lot of e-mails went out today? Anyone else heard back today?
  9. Having a larger number of applicants decreases the chances of one applicant having multiple interviews.
  10. Hey sorry, not yet! Still planning to! Hoping to do so later today or tomorrow!
  11. Hey I just e-mailed admissions to see if any one had removed themselves from the OOP waitlist. I got a response saying as of today not a single applicant has removed themselves from the waitlist.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. I posted asking why there was so much silence across the board and this is what someone posted- "People who've accepted on OMSAS have mentioned it takes a day or so for OMSAS to process requests. Maybe now all the schools are going through the lists to see who's left and who to call so we'll hear more tomorrow? Or maybe they'll start up later in the afternoon".
  13. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much for your response.
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