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  1. Has anyone on here received a rejection letter from McGill PT or OT? I still haven’t heard anything and am getting worried.
  2. For those that got an invite for McGill OT and/or PT, what provinces are you from?
  3. Congrats! What time did you get your offer? Was it emailed to you?
  4. Anyone heard from McGill PT? I’d assume OT and PT offers would be coming out around the same time..
  5. I have my MMI this Saturday for UofA PT. Wondering if it’s likely to be similar?
  6. McMaster MMI? I presume this is for OT?
  7. I head from back from McGill re: when to expect offers for the qualifying year for PT. They said before the summer. Was hoping for a more specific answer. Their admission instruction booklet says April/May.
  8. Did anyone receive a suspicious email from Melanie Lund <mlund1@unb.ca> today asking them to watch a video before Sun? Thanks
  9. Hi, I applied to U of A’s PT program as an OOP. Received an interview invite about 1.5 weeks ago. Perhaps, you can send a quick email ad follow-up?
  10. I’m sorry to hear that. What program/school did you apply to?
  11. Hi guys, Does anyone know when McGill night be sending out offers to either their PT or OT programs? Their website suggests April/May and a previous poster had said March 17, but that date has now come and form. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Thanks. Um, I believe I received an interview invite from U of A around noon EST. Did you apply to U of A as well?
  13. Applied + (PT at McMaster, McGill and U of A) (OT at McMaster and UW)Accepted: Interview invite for McMaster's PT and University of Alberta's PT programWaitlisted: McMaster OTRejected:GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa; cGPA 3.53, sGPA 3.94Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Experience working with various vulnerable populations Happened to receive an interview offer from the U of A today for their PT program today. Was also placed on McMaster's waitlist for their OT program.
  14. Oh, wow. I didn’t realize it was that soon. Is that when previous rejection letters and offers were sent out?