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  1. Software developer/database engineer here. The timestamp thing is a great way to lose your mind trying to make sense out of something that most likely is not related to 'rank order'. It could be based off of the order in which OMSAS accounts were made, alphabetical by name, the date applications were initially received, the last time you logged in to your account, or a million other things. Typically, database indexes are ordered by some sort of date, so created_at or updated_at for the database record. The program would then roll through the records in that order whenever it needs to execute batch actions. Try not to make yourself mad! Go read a book or do something fun instead haha. I'm on 4 waitlists myself, so I understand the frustration and desire to know what the hell is going on with your future. If you examine the situation from a different lens though, it's actually a bit relaxing. People keep wanting to make plans with me for the fall/winter and my response has been, "Can't do it. I have no idea what's happening with my life." Use this as an opportunity to live in the moment and just enjoy the things around you. In a bizarre way it's a wonderful chance to not worry about the future, as ironic as that is. Good luck everyone!
  2. Waitlisted for McMaster, Western, Queens, and Calgary... 4 opportunities for my soul to be crushed. Let's hope theres some movement friends
  3. Hello, My main question is this: I want to take a 5th year of undergraduate after I complete my business degree this summer. This is because I need to take physics, org chem, and biochem. My GPA is 3.87 (converted from UVic) so I am not taking the 5th year for GPA reasons. However, I have seen that some med schools dont like people taking 5th year courses that do not contribute towards a degree. Would I be falling into this category? TL;DR: Will graduate with business degree in summer with high GPA Need prerequisites Will medical schools accept my prerequisites if i take them in a 5th year that does not count towards a second degree? Thanks a lot guys!
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