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  1. Hi! I'm having a very difficult time deciding between Queen's and Dalhousie for OT. I'm interested in mental health and pediatrics. I'm looking for anyone's opinions on the pros/cons of each school. Thank you!
  2. I am trying to decide between Queens and Dal for OT! Does anyone know the class size for Queens OT? And how hard it is to get placements out of province or internationally? thanks!
  3. does anyone know how the placements differ between schools for OT? Do some schools have more hours of placements than others, and is it easier to get placements out of province at certain schools? (I'm specifically interested in Dal where I was accepted, and Queens & UBC where I am waitlisted) Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I am from BC and I was conditionally accepted to Dal. I'm not totally sure where I will be going yet as I am on wait lists for other schools and am still doing my research on where I want to go.
  5. I haven't heard anything yet. Will they email us? Or should I be checking somewhere?
  6. I was waitlisted #22.. I wonder if anyone has ever gotten in from this high a number on the waitlist. Does anyone know? I feel that my chance aren't great, but I guess it depends how many people decline offers.
  7. I did too! It is confusing. I'm wondering if this means we have to keep up a B in our prerequiste courses? As long as we do this, are we for sure accepted?
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