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  1. SEAL

    CV question.

    So what is the difference between extra-curricular activities and hobbies? I was a Sunday school teacher at my local church, does that go under service to community or EC's?
  2. Has anyone tried this book before? Would you recommend it?
  3. Regarding the MCAT, Casper and reference letters submission, do all of that need to be submitted by October 1st ?
  4. SEAL

    IMG advice

    One thing to think of is if you can do the MCAT as well.
  5. SEAL

    CASPer/Interview/Application prep group

    Interested as well !
  6. SEAL


    Does anyone have any advice on how to prepare for casper ? Are there any prep material that one can use to practice ? Are there any good courses to help with the preparation?
  7. Hey everyone. I am writing this on behalf of a friend. She is an internationally trained ophthalmologist. In her country of origin, there is no such as thing as an optometrist. Everything related to the eye is done by an MD physician, so in a sense she has experience in optometry. She is currently a Canadian citizen and had her credentials assessed by FORAC. She is scheduled to take the IGOEE in May (from what I understand this is basically an easier version of the OBEC exam designed to assess the readiness of an internationally trained optometrist to enter the bridging program at U of Waterloo and then take the OBEC after completion of the program). Can anyone advise her with any prep material designed for the practice of the optometry in Canada e.g any books, courses, websites ? (preferably high yield material because she is busy working and being a mother of 2). Thanks.
  8. Where does the current legislation stand on the power of parents to refuse to immunize their children ? I am asking this question solely for MCC examination purposes.
  9. Hi, My dell laptop had a number of problems while it was still in warranty. They have changed a lot of parts and it came back with the same problem. Now they want to just waste my time by telling me to phone a rep to "help get the issues resolved". Does anyone know what to do in order to get them to replace the laptop with a new one ? Thanks.
  10. Can someone from BC shed some light on whether they find their salary as a resident adequate or not ? My understanding is that living in BC is expensive, but looking at the resident salaries in other provinces they are all higher than BC except for Quebec. If I am planning to start a family (getting married but not kids), do you think this would be a problem ?
  11. SEAL

    What's On Your Mind?

    What ! That is not a misdiagnosis, that's intentional negligience ! Please tell me you guys plan to sue ! This is ridiculous !
  12. SEAL

    What's On Your Mind?

    Sorry to hear about your Dad. I don't know the full details of why he was admitted in the hospital in the first place but are you planning on sueing the hospital ? I am not a stroke expert but presumably the earlier the initiation of rtPA the better the outcome. Of course the most important thing right now is for him to make it, it's just that I have recently written a post in the lounge called "Do we really care about patients" and your example just seems classical. I wouldn't be surprised that the reason why he is getting exceptional care now is because he was neglected earlier and they are worried about the possibility being sued.
  13. SEAL

    Do we really care about patients ?

    Another patient had all kinds of co-morbidities including Afib and was on warfarin. She had leukemia and needed to start chemo. Basically warfarin was the only anticoagulant that could work for her, all other anticoagulants were contraindicated. Problem is, once she stops eating and starts vomiting because of the chemo, her INR would be jumping up and down. No one wanted to make the call on that case. The oncologist (who is originally a hematologist) tossed the decision to the hematologist the patient was following as an outpatient, who tossed it to us, and we tossed it to pharmacy. As far as I remember, the patient's chemo was delayed for 2 weeks because no one wanted to make the decision. My rotation ended before I can figure out what happened.
  14. SEAL

    Do we really care about patients ?

    It's not just this incident There are lots of other incidents. For example there was this patient with advanced myelofibrosis who was on an expiremental drug. For some reason his renal function was high (I can't remember why now) so the drug had to be stopped. Basically, this patient had lived a remarkable 13 years since diagnosis but now his heart was shutting down and his kidney was shutting down and his blood counts were dropping. The attending just saw him once and I was following him up for 2 weeks and his wife and son had all types of questions that I couldn't answer. One day I told my attending: maybe we should tell him that this is the end. My attending told me flatly: "I am not going to change his goals of care, just follow him up and transfuse as necessary". The next day I told his son to email the myelofibrosis specialist his father was seeing as an outpatient and demand to talk to him to find answers to his question. The next day, that doctor sent a fellow who was working with him who had a meeting with the patient and his family to tell them that he had just 3 months to live and there are no more treatment options and that he should go home and enjoy the rest of his short life.