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  1. I just turned down my spot, since I decided to attend McGill instead! So hopefully one of you will hear from Dal soon!
  2. I got my acceptance on UApply Wednesday. I called them on Tuesday to ask and they looked at my file, and said that the latest would be by the end of next week.
  3. Congrats! Has anyone gotten their uApply acceptace yet? I'm still waiting...
  4. Mine says submitted. The email told me to keep checking my status, and I have to officially accept on UApply.
  5. Thanks! Sorry, I didn't get an interview for McGill PT
  6. Hi everyone! I just got an email saying that I was accepted by the OT department and am being recommended to Graduate Studies!
  7. I got the acceptance letter on March 27th. I'm an Atlantic applicant. My deadline to pay the deposit was April 16th.
  8. I had emailed McGill last week and they said we should be hearing in the next couple of weeks!
  9. You don't have a M2 Winter semester. You finish the program in December (or earlier) I believe.
  10. Yes, I got an email back from Kelly yesterday (around 2:30) confirming the interview time and date. I hadn't requested a certain time though.
  11. No, I'm in NL. Count me in!
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