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  1. Thanks for all this support guys. I really appreciate it. Well actually I didn't call. All my communication with them has been through email. And when I asked about the rejection for this cycle, they replied to the same email thread saying that it was due to below average EC scores and my interview performance from last year. I've tried emailing them back after saying that I felt I was competitive enough to meet the interview cutoff score, despite having a below average personal activities score. And I also said that, based on the admissions site, this years application should be reviewed independent of last year's interview score. I haven't received any replied from the admissions office yet, so I tried emailing the dean of admissions. No response yet = /
  2. Not sure if I should go all the way to Edmonton from Calgary to try that. They may not want talk and may just tell me to wait for the comparison letter or something. My ECs may not be average, but I seriously doubt that they're what's keeping me from getting an invite. Even if they are somewhat weak, my GPA and MCAT should easily make up for it.
  3. No not yet. I'm thinking of calling or emailing them back . But I wanna see what other people recommend doing first
  4. Last year when I asked about being flagged, they said a note was placed on my file. I asked them if it would affect this year's app. They said no
  5. I'd also like to point out that they say on their site that " Reapplications are treated as new applications, and all data and post-secondary transcripts must be resubmitted." on http://www.med.ualberta.ca/programs/md/admissions/applying/selection-process. Any advice here guys?
  6. So I've talked to admissions and they've said I was rejected based on my poor interview performance last year... I thought each year's application was kind of a clean slate and independent from applications from other years? The only reason I did so poor was because a lack of preparation, a poor approach to answeing questiosn, and nervousness
  7. They said to wait for the feedback letter which comes out in late March.
  8. Can anyone help me out here? I didn't receive an interview offer, but I was very competitive for UofA. I was in the 4th year IP pool and my cGPA was 3.95, MCAT 519 (131/129/129/130), and ECs were average What could have happened? Why didn't I get an invite?
  9. anyone know what the minimum stats were for the IP 4th year pool?
  10. thanks. can anyone else confirm this? when i call admissions, all they tell me is the current year grades are used as a condition of admission, but i'm not sure what that means
  11. Does anyone if current year grades affect the applicaiton score? Are they factored in to the gpa calculation when ranking applicants for the interview or for acceptances? or is the current year just to make sure prereqs are completed and also for conditional acceptance (accepted given the current year GPA is above the min for the applicant pool youre in)
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