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  1. I totally agree. Thank you for making me feel better about letting it ride!
  2. That is a really great point! I figured there was a logical reason but between my referee, supervisor and careers person I was super confused on what to do. Thank you!
  3. Hi Guys, I was hoping to build in the collective brilliance of Premed users to help me with a dilemma. I recently applied to Obstetrics and Gynecology and was incredibly fortunate to recieve interviews at all programs offered -except 1. I got rejected from an Ontario school which came as a surprise to me. I am from a smaller school out East but all my supervisors for research were former faculty of said school. I also live in Ontario and each summer my research was affiliated with said school (ex associated hospitals) I spoke to my referee for that school who was surprised to say the least by my rejection. I was going to leave it alone until I spoke to my careers person as a mandated check in. She is under the impression I should appeal the decision. I emailed the program admin and got a standard reply as I didn’t want to ruffle feathers but she strongly suggested I email the PD directly but I am worried about pissing people off. I am incredibly grateful for what I have and am under no misceptions others are not in the same boat but she was saying I should fight harder for a school in my top 5. I would love insight from anyone and everyone who can provide a diversity of perspectives. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Thanks Dassy! I also can't find fees information on the website, do you (or anyone else) happen to have a fees breakdown?
  5. Also can anyone comment on the demographics of the class? For example age and background? Also what is the teaching style and content like? Is the emphasis more on clinical or scientific? For example are you expected to learn and know about content like the Krebs cycle, in depth anatomy etc. Thanks in advance
  6. can either of you elaborate why they felt 3 over 4? It would be great to understand the rationale for that (ex. social, summers off, too condensed etc.)
  7. I spoke to UME this morning regarding the rural point we were discussing earlier. They mentioned that this was not a new concept but a disclaimer that you will have to participate in rural placements either preclerkship or during clerkship for up to 10 weeks. They mentioned this was posted because students were often saying " I didn't know I had to do this", so they wanted to inform students ahead of time. That being said can either of you comment on your rural exposure thus far? What have you seen with senior students! I also was curious to know if you had any idea the number and success rate of individuals who apply out of province? CaRMS doesn't go into these specifics (though the match rate for UofC is high!). Most students seem to apply and match to Calgary (or surprisingly BC) but much smaller numbers to Ontario and other provinces. I am just curious to know if this is because less apply to those locations or the success rate is lower in those locations. Again thank you guys for taking the time to answer all these mission questions. I really do appreciate it!
  8. OH: MDCN 520: Comprehensive Clinical Skills Curriculum for Clerkship (no idea but i know it runs for 48 weeks?)
  9. Thanks for answering my questions! In regards to question 3, does that mean you only get 2 weeks of to make an impression on the place you would potentially want to be? That doesn't seem like too much time to really make an impact and get a good letter from it. Essentially then you would have to make a great impression in the 8-10 weeks before clerkship when you have not even been exposed to that block yet? That sounds like a bit of an tough situation to me! If I have this wrong please don't hesitate to correct me
  10. Hi Guys, So while I am doing my UofC research and getting more and more excited! I have started formulating a list of questions. I am going to post some of them here and I apologize in advance for the information overload! Anything you guys can address would be great! 1) What is the work-life balance like at UofC? Because it is an accelerated program, do you find you have less time to decompress and relax? 2) I am looking to live alone in a newer apartment. I am open to both renting or purchasing. Can you recommend the best neighbourhoods to be in? I know this was discussed in the FB group a bit but I was wondering if your classmates who live alone can have suggestions? 3) The website says you have 10 weeks of electives in clerkship and then says 12 later. Can someone confirm this number? Also are all 12 weeks together? Are they broken up? Do you choose how they are broken up (ex. how many weeks per placement)? 4) In 3rd year there is a course called MDCN 550. Is this course classroom based? I am considering doing some of my electives in other provinces and I was wondering if this would act as a barrier? Thanks in advance for answering these, I appreciate it!
  11. First of all congrats to everyone accepted and for those waitlisted! For those who were unsuccessful this year hopefully next year some of us will be here to welcome you into the UofC family! For those accepted, all the documents that we have to complete listed in the email, are said to be on the Offers tab. I can't see anything which makes me think I have to accept the offer first before being able to complete any of the information. Can someone confirm this for me? Thanks!
  12. Can either of you shed some light on the teaching and learning styles at UofC? Is it more self-directed, PBL, small group, lecture based etc. This is probably published but I just wanted a student opinion!
  13. So the UofC webite now says that as of this year students should expect to spend 5-10 weeks of clerskhip or pre-clerkship working in rural locations. I am assuming this is new so I don't know entirely how or what the expectations are? I was just curious to see if anyone here knew about this. I might have to ask admissions directly.
  14. hahaha yeah I figured as much thanks jmatt1122 My point was I couldn't be in Toronto for the summer so its good to know if that matters. (Thanks for the edit! lol) I guess the bigger factor is the accelerated time period and the pressure that comes with that. Thanks this helps me know what to ask when talking to UofC people!
  15. Can you guys shed more light on the rural mandated training or maybe on doing some of your clerkship outside of Calgary (like BC or Toronto?) Is it feasible and can you be successful at it?
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