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  1. They will pull people off the wait list right up until orientation week is under way, though most movement is earlier on.
  2. I had a good experience at the sherbourne health centre
  3. school interviewing at: McMaster specialty: Family Medicine current interview date: Jan 13  date would like to switch to: Jan 18  any additional notes: Really hoping to interview here but can’t physically be there on the 13th. Thank you! Please PM
  4. It’s for people applying to the R-1 match (in 4th year medicine)
  5. Anyone with McMaster FM on Jan 18th willing to trade for the 13th?
  6. Does anyone know if McGill is done sending letters for paediatrics?
  7. I am in a similar boat. All I could get was the 13th and physically can’t make it without giving up two other interviews. I emailed the school and they recommended monitoring the site as people will often change or back out before the deadline and they expect movement. So needless to say I will be checking obsessively over the coming days.
  8. I just received an out of province invite about 20 minutes ago.
  9. I just received an out of province invite about 20 minutes ago.
  10. I also would appreciate any info on this! #slowinternetwoes
  11. A lot of programs haven’t finished sending out invites yet for FM so there’s still time. Definitely stressful though!
  12. Their program description says emails will be sent out by Dec 18th I think so probably not.
  13. Dal definitely weights the supplemental section heavily, so I would recommend putting forth the strongest essay you can be as competitive as possible
  14. I use an IPad mini with a fine tip stylus and bluetooth keyboard for all my notes and most of my assignments. I have a desktop at home, and have done quite nicely with the set up.
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