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  1. So, I'm not a doctor, but I'm a health professional who's worked in hospitals for a few years and I'm starting med school in the fall. Here's what I think: I think this is something you can gain from observerships and during your clerkship. The main idea is that each speciality can have really cool and exciting cases, but that they only come once in a while. For example, ER docs can sometimes have major trauma cases come through, but often they see people who need med refills, have a cold/cough and need a doctor's note or elderly patients who are displaying signs of dementia secondary to a UTI. I think it's also best to ask the residents and docs about what they consider a typical day - how many patients, the average age, most common chief complaint, etc. that's how you gain an understanding of what their "bread and butter cases" are. Does your school offer opportunities to observe during the pre-clerk years?
  2. Please update us with what you find out!
  3. Upon further inspection, I think that the NTP program wasn't producing the level of diversity they wanted. From the website: "This change recognizes the fact that applicants with a variety of educational, career, and life experiences who were previously restricted to the 2-5 Quebec NTP seats, have profiles that are very competitive for admission in the larger Quebec University cohort, and go on to be successful in our program." This change in addition to the new Rural and Small Populations Pathway (RSPP) is an interesting indication of the direction that McGill is moving towards. (<---This sentence is weirdly worded. Too brain dead to fix it. Sorry.)
  4. Oh they all look nice! But fingers crossed for the olive green!
  5. It is my understanding that McGill DOES accept Athabasca courses, as long as they have the required lab component. Are you in Montreal? Have you considered doing it at a CEGEP or in the fall as a non-degree student at one of the universities?
  6. Wow. As someone who got into the NTP this year (and isn't required to do the qualifying year), this is quite a lot to process. I think it makes a lot of sense to eliminate the pre-req expiration, but now McGill is no longer available to people who completed their degree on a part-time basis (short of a few semesters here or there). I really wonder what motivated this. Perhaps they looked at successful NTP students and made these changes based on who they saw primarily applying?
  7. Hey, so a few things: 1) I'm sorry you didn't get in. This process sucks and there's no silver lining. Yes, it's an excellent indicator that you received so many interviews and it's a huge accomplishment that you successfully completed that many interviews! But interviews are not an acceptance so I want to validate what you're feeling and let you know that it's ok to feel sad, mad, depressed, frustrated, like things are unfair, etc. and you don't neeeedddddd to take the approach of: "oh well, at least I received an interview!". 2) As you know, it takes most people in Canada 3 tries before they get an acceptance. It is very rare to get in on your first or second application cycle. I know you know this, just a friendly reminder 3)This is the most important: STOP TALKING TO PEOPLE ABOUT MED SCHOOL APPLICATIONS. Put your head in the sand, ignore them when they approach you about it, change the topic, don't talk about it. Yes, please talk to your CLOSE supports (parents, partners, siblings, BEST friends), but don't talk to other pre-meds or other applicants. WHY? It's crazy-making. Everyone has an opinion or feedback and most of them are not worth internalizing. It's also exhausting and leads to rumination and going over things again and again. Now, full disclosure, I LOVE to ruminate and over analyze and chat about things like this, but I really only limited it to my husband and my best friend. Of note, if you have specific questions, forums like this can be super helpful, but it can also be equally as crazy-making (no hate on the forum! it's just sometimes important to take a step away from it!) TLDR: You are CLEARLY a worthy candidate. You received more interviews than most people. Medical school thinks you can be an excellent medical student and eventually a doctor! GREAT! This process is brutal and not getting in sucks. Interviewing is a skill like anything else and can be mastered. You weren't born with math skills, you learned them. You can learn to interview well. Take a step back and stop talking to so many people (IRL) about med school. It can make it worse. Also take a step back from the forums if you need to.
  8. ETA: As of May 27, 2019, the NTP stream at McGill has been eliminated. https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/categories/roq/ntp So in my case, I completed some years part time and I didn't have the physics requirement. Otherwise, my other pre-reqs were valid and completed. For NTP, there are a few requirements: -you have to be considered a QC resident, -you have to have completed an undergraduate degree by July 31 of the year you would matriculate -you have to have completed at least 4 of the pre-reqs (out of 8 total), but any of them can be expired (so even if you took the 4 pre-reqs 25 years ago, you don't have to redo them), -you can't be eligible to apply to any other category (important!!!!11111) There are also a few characteristics of a candidate that makes them ineligible for the other categories, but eligible for NTP: -you can have completed your basis of admission degree on a part-time basis (this makes you otherwise ineligible to apply in the other categories) -your re-reqs can be out of date (see above) -you can have missing pre-reqs (again, see above) So, you can have all 3 of the above, only 2 or only 1 and apply to NTP. Qualifying Year: As part of the NTP program, you are automatically put into a qualifying year (that, from what I can see, appears to have similar curriculum as the Med-P year). Once you get into the NTP program, you are asked to submit your current CV and a letter outlining what you do or don't have in terms of pre-reqs/work experience, etc. so that a committee can then decided whether or not you need that extra year and what you would need to take during that year. Some reasons people may not need this year since they completed or updated the pre-reqs throughout the application cycle. The admissions office was VERY helpful regarding my questions about the qualifying year. If you have more questions, please PM me! A few more things of note: - since you cannot apply to NTP if you are eligible for any other category, you need to be mindful of any extenuating circumstances (EC) that would enable you to apply to the regular university stream. For example, if the only reason you would apply to the NTP category is because you needed to take a year on a part-time basis due to circumstances outside of your control (illness, death in the family, caregiving responsibilities, etc etc etc), then you might be able to submit a letter of EC that would make you eligible for the regular stream. Unfortunately, no one can confirm whether or not your EC will be accepted, so it's challenging to know how to proceed if this is your case (personal opinion!) - similar to the above, if your pre-reqs are out of date due to advanced degrees or you specifically work in a domain that would enable you to keep up to date on the sciences, then you would probably be recommended that you submit for exemption from having to re-do you pre-reqs due to work experience, advanced degrees, etc. in the summer before you apply. If your out of date pre-reqs are what make you eligible for NTP, but you are able to get an exemption, then in fact you are ineligible for NTP, since you are able to apply in the normal university category, with that letter of exemption from admissions Finally - right now on McGill's website it says "THIS PROGRAM IS UNDER REVIEW". I have no idea what that means, from a practical standpoint. What I do know, is that all of the above information may be out of date or incorrect if McGill makes substantial change to the NTP program All of this is my personal understanding of the NTP program!!!!111111 I do not work for McGill so this should not be taken as gospel, only as helpful knowledge translation!!! kthxbai!
  9. I have no idea - did you get an acceptance?
  10. TIME STAMP: 2:00PM (BRUTAL WAIT)  Result: Admitted with Condition!!! pre-reqGPA: N/A MCAT: N/A Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): I honestly felt very well prepared and like I did very well Year: Finished masters, RD IP/OOP/International: IP, NTP comments: Now to figure out if I need to do a QY!!!!!!! EDIT: I just completed the process of appealing the need for a QY and was successful. If anyone wants to reach out via DM, please do!
  11. @wannaBADoc does yours say "decision pending" or "further review required"?
  12. @ridcullylives amazing! I'm in and around the same age - I don't think we're "mature" hahaha but whatever
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