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  1. I am currently doing a Biology and Neuroscience Combined honours degree and I am questioning whether the added workload is worth it. I have to take a couple psychology courses to obtain the Neuroscience degree, I really do not enjoy psychology and the added workload is weighing on me at the moment. If hypothetically, I decide to work in the government and purse a masters degree later on, would having an extra degree be advantageous IF you are not expecting to work in the field? (I am more interested in Biology than Neuroscience, but I thought it would be an interesting add on to my paper). There are quite a few biology majors out there and I figured having a second degree would help my chances in being hired. Should I push through the coursework and get the second degree or specialize my undergraduate degree more into the area of my interest?
  2. Whoever has read my last thread knows that I am contemplating if Medicine is worth the time investment for myself and because of this I am looking into different careers. I am wondering in terms of science, what are the higher paying careers that don't require a huge time investment (MD, PhD lets say). Also, what is a good undergraduate degree in science in terms of employability and salary? Is a Physics degree more employable than a Chemistry? Is a Health Science degree as employable as a Biology degree? etc.
  3. Can you link me to where you found out about the application number? From my understanding there are a handful of schools that train PAs in Canada
  4. I have been working my butt off in University and have stellar grades but I have always had a cloud of doubt over my head in terms of time consumption to obtain licensing as a practicing physician. I am currently doing a dual b.sc in Biology and Neuro and I was planning on applying to Medical schools next year. However..I was recently talking to one of my biology professors, he recommended I look into Pathology Assistant and Physician Assistant (does anybody know the difference besides gross anatomy vs general care?) I have always wanted to work in Pathology as I love the Science aspect of it but looking at the price of medical school, the time consumption, the questionable linking to actual preferred residence and then further licensing..I am going to be in my 30's before I can even begin paying off this boat load of debt. As a pathology assistant, it appears that it is a 2 year M.Sc, you get certified and you have hospitals, private clinics and schools throwing jobs at you with starting salaries in the low-mid 80's (climbing over 6 figures with experience). This is the same deal with Physician Assistants but you have a more broad spectrum of work and is a little more competitive due to the nature of the work (it is my understanding that a lot of people don't want to cut open suicide victims bodies on a daily etc). Logically, beside sometimes feeling like MD's monkey, why not go for this profession. ..am I missing something?
  5. I want to practice in EU (particularly Scotland/Ireland) and I am looking at what schools I should apply to after I finish my UG. I have just cycled through a bunch of Scottish graduate MD programs (the 4yr ones) that pretty much say "International student may not apply." This of course is very discouraging and has led me to look primarily at Ireland. Does anybody know of any Irish/English/Scottish Medical school that doesn't require the MCAT, UKCAT? And is the GAMSAT really a more reasonable test? (I don't have really any knowledge in Physics, do I need knowledge in Physics for the GAMSAT?). Thanks to whoever takes the time to reply. Future.MD
  6. Key words, "coming back" - Shouldn't assume that everybody who goes abroad wants to come back to Canada.
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