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  1. Second year at U of T here As mentioned above, the 2nd year class averages are still very high, but the class still helps each other with notes and recordings as well. In terms of clinical exposure, you start seeing patients for a periodontal recall exam starting in November, which is followed by cleaning and scaling (either with hand instruments or cavitron) followed by a prophy with a slow handpiece and prophy paste. We also continue assisting 3rd and 4th years. We also learn how to take radiographs on dummies, and we practice injections on each other. Near the end, you will see a patient for oral diagnosis, where you essentially go through a medical history and find out what sort of dental problems they have.
  2. As a current U of T student, I will chime in. Pros Big city living (can also be a con as others have mentioned) Reputation/name Fairly decent patient pool Good social atmosphere if you are outgoing and make an effort to go to parties etc Multiple departments, so there are always experts around if you need to talk to them Cons Larger class size - there are times you will be lining up to use the fumehood in lab Multiple grad departments - these grad students will probably steal your endo case Demos/instructors - can be hit.miss, sometimes you will have a demo you absolutely love, while sometimes other demos leave something to be desired.. Lecturers - some lecturers just straight up should not be teaching Ugly building/facilities Competition - everyone still gets really high marks - but we all help each other still
  3. Which bank is giving students 275k if you don't mind me asking!?!?!
  4. People have said that it is refundable this year?
  5. Do you know whether the $1000 deposit for Western is refundable?
  6. Can anyone comment on whether it is allowed to accept our seat at both schools (until we make up our minds)? Or is there a rule against this?
  7. I was wondering whether I could accept my offer to Western although I have also accepted my offer to U of T. The reason for this being that I want to know whether I am eligible for the $40 000 scholarship Western offers, and if so, I may go to Western instead of U of T (also, 10 business days is not enough for me to make up my mind!!! ).
  8. Sorry my bad, I am waitlisted elsewhere, but got into U of T yes. I blame my Mac's autocorrect
  9. I know that many people in Ontario have applied to both Western and U of T dentistry. In the event that you get accepted to both, which will you choose and why? (please provide your reasons). I myself have been accepted to Western and at U of T, and will be expected to make a decisions soon.
  10. I believe I fit the bill when I say I am a dental school applicant, who also considers myself extremely competitive in terms of medical school admissions. My EC's are very comprehensive, and I am on par or even better than some of my premed friends. I have published several research papers by conducting research in labs during the summers and even during the school years, alongside with coordinating orientation week as well as being a full time residence advisor. I also have a long list of volunteer activities that I have been participating in for 3+ years on top of leading several intramural sports teams. As such, I do believe that I could have applied to medicine, and have been very successful in the end. However, like a lot of people, I decided after shadowing that dentistry was a better fit for me, and it was something I was more drawn towards by the end of my 3rd year. As such, I went all out and only applied to dental schools in Canada and the States (where ECs do matter for dentistry mind you). So to answer your question, no, dental school was NOT a backup for me, but rather my first choice of profession.
  11. I agree! I noticed that when I started recording lectures, my GPA went up. I guess I was more of an auditory learner. but I realized this too late
  12. Shadowing would definitely help you understand what the day in the life of a dentist is actually like, and can give you a better indication of whether this career path is suited to your personality, goals and abilities.
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