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  1. offer this morning. will also be accepting. I know it's super stressful, and this may not help but I was just keeping track of how many waitlist offers were made and when they were. But it looks like they're going pretty deep into the waitlist based on forums so it's a good sign for those still waiting. =) Date Offers 21-May 3 26-May 2 27-May 8 28-May 3 29-May 2 01-Jun 2 No date declined 2
  2. Accepted off waitlist - Waterloo campus 12:12pm cGPA: 3.71 VR: 11 CASPER: Thought I did okay Interview: at least 2 awesome stations, one I rambled a little bit, and the rest were about par 1 yr post MSc
  3. Curious: do the waitlist offers have a deadline in which people have to reply?
  4. So from my count, there's at least 11 of us active on this forum. Anyways, I figure since we're all in the same boat, we can pool information and update one another. I know its probably pointless since we can only really wait and hope, but I find it to be a good distraction. Here's my contribution. This was from last years 'Wait list Party', but it looks promising for us. almost 1/2 the class of 2008/2009 declined their offers. http://www.afmc.ca/pdf/2013_ad_bk.pdf
  5. pretty sure the email was clear in saying there are no deferrals allowed for people accepted off the waitlist
  6. So this is probably pointless (as it isn't representative of everyone), but I data-mined this years replies and compiled it just to see what it looks like. Someone said the first round of replies to the offer of acceptance should be made by May 26, so the first-round should come around then. #Accepted 31 3.88 GPA 11.00 VR # declined 8.5 (0.5 for undecided) #Waitlist 11 GPA 3.77 VR 11.55 # regrets 4 3.70 GPA 11.50 VR % accepted 67.4 % declined of accepted 27.4 %waitlisted 23.9 % regrets 8.7
  7. Does anybody know if there's any information on the waitlist? like how many people are on it? or when batch emails are sent out?
  8. Waitlist 8:32am EST GPA: 3.71 VR: 11 Interview: felt pretty good, but i guess not as well as I thought. edit: accepted off waitlist June 1
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