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  1. your stats are too low for pittsburgh imo, but they might like your research experience. On that note i dont know why cornell and emory and the like are out of the realm of possibility if your also applying to pitt
  2. yes, i believe that is true. Your lack of research would hurt you at research intensive schools. on your list, these schools are: Case western, Virginia, Boston U, Emory, Duke, Hopkins, einstein. Your lack of shadowing will hurt you at all of the schools on your app. Make sure you get it down before you submit! Your list is too bottom heavy imo. Add a few more mid-tier schools. Although tbh idk what schools are considered 'mid-teir'
  3. Whats a score that is "well above average?" I was under the impression that a 30 is good enough for most schools... Canada doesn't care about MCAT as much as US
  4. This thread makes me regret not applying to mayo, haha. I didn't know they gave out full rides to Canadians thats awesome. OP this is a no brainer, go to mayo.
  5. I guess ill add queens and Mac and UofT to the schools I apply to next year
  6. Well, we are all playing the medical admissions game anyway, are we not? GPA, check? MCAT, check? ECs, check? Not much a stretch to add in "resident status, check?" I know of a mate who is travelling back and forth between quebec on the weekends while she schools in ontario because she wants to go to mcgill as an IP
  7. you as well! Hope you get into the canadian schools your waiting on
  8. I heard UBC was the most difficult medical school to get into for out of province applicants. I am an ontario resident so I didn't even bother with UBC. Ottawa when I applied the first time told me "sry only interviewing candidates with 3.85 or higher" since I am not from ottawa I didn't think I would interview with them if I applied the 2nd time around Yes calgary needs an 11 verbal for out of province. I did apply to canadian schools this cycle, all out of province, since my in province schools didn't even give me an interview last round. I wasn't expecting much though because as an ontario resident its just extremely difficult to get one of those seats. Most require verbals of 11 or higher and their average MCAT of accepted out of province students is 35+ in alot of schools Whats the timeline for getting a calgary health card? How does one "move their address" there? Is it just me or does this proccess seem most brutal for ontario residents?
  9. Hello all, long time lurker, 1st post here. I have a pretty unique situation not covered yet and I wanted to get some advice. I was wondering whether I have a shot at canadian schools. There are 2 problems with my app: In my first year I failed out of my university due to being unable to handle personal problems properly. I came back and scored well since (approx 3.85wGPA not including that year) MCAT 33 12/10/11. I applied to all the ontario schools when I was in 4th year but I received no interviews, which I expected because they only had my 2nd and 3rd year grades and my 1st year grades were when i failed out. I took this as a sign that I couldn't get into a Canadian school and the next cycle I applied to AMCAS. I garnered 3 acceptances at mid-tier U.S MD schools and I am currently planning to attend. The reason why I took this route is because I realized that Canadian schools are extremely stat heavy, and do not conduct holistic reviews of their applications. As such even though I knew I was a good candidate with good numbers (and EC's, obviously), most Canadian schools wouldn't even to a proper review of my app due to the 1st year. The other problem was that a 10 in verbal screens me from western which only looks at last 2 years (i.e the only school I really had a shot at) and I didn't want to retake because 33 is a decent score and I didn't want it to go down and reflect poorly. However like many on this forum, I am being a bit apprehensive at the cost of attendance. My tuition is not so bad at approx 50k/yr, but with the usd cad conversion, and Cost of Living, im looking at about 350k CAD debt by the time im done. Contrast that to Ontario where its like $150K or so. I do want to practice in Canada so i'm planning to do a residency in Canada anyway. The question is are there any schools in Canada that would consider my app? I feel like I am a good applicant, I just missed the mark by a hairline at some places with 10 verbal, and at other places with my 1st year grades, and at other places simply by being an Ontario resident compared to Alberta or Saskatchewan. Should I just stick it out with this US MD? Thanks for opinions and advice
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