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  1. RapidHawk - you're entitlted to your personal beliefs, however the statistics do not support you at all and your interpretation of the data is highly erroneous on numerous fronts. Steven - I can understand that you'd be feeling nervous about what happened. Many people in your position would be feeling the same thing. Did you know your sexual partner well? I'd suggest you try to stay calm and go see a doctor to get help. In the event your partner did have HIV (which again, is far from certain and depending on his or her lifestyle, might be highly unlikely) - transmission is not a for sure thing from a single isolated exposure like this. Go see your doctor or a public health clinic though, they can guide you the best.
  2. I understand. I wasn't meaning to single anybody out, just trying to remind everyone to be conscious that sometimes people slip up and not to make the OP feel bad. I didn't mean to sound like I was chastizing anyone for saying to use a condom...
  3. I don't agree with your stance. Yes, the rate of HIV among heterosexuals is lower in North America, but there is still a real risk of contracting it. I highly suggest you look up some statistics regarding the matter.
  4. I think it's counter productive to say a comment like that after the fact, especially when you're dealing with someone who is obviously worried about it. To the OP - I highly suggest you go to a sexual health clinic to find out what testing is available to you. The public health department of the city you are living in should be able to provide you with advice/support, as would a GP. From what I have read, using a traditional ELISA or rapid test, the vast majority of people will likely have seroconverted by 6 weeks. There are other tests that may be available to you that may be able to offer you some reassurance. Your best bet for learning about the testing available would be a physician. I believe some of these other tests look for HIV RNA by using a PCR and can detect the virus as soon as within 2 weeks of infection (don't quote me on this though, not as familliar with this form of testing). Again, I'm not a physician nor would it be appropriate to give you direct medical advice over the internet - go see a doctor or sexual health clinic. Hope you're doing okay.
  5. The CMG and IMG streams both require applicants to be either permanent residents or citizens, to the best of my knowledge It is my understanding... (and correct me if I am wrong) the only reason the job market won't bear these new physicians is mainly the government won't pay them. With respect to medical education, the countries I listed all seem to have it figured out. How many English do you see coming to Canada to try to earn their medical degree? I'm on the fence about this, I don't think a dramatic influx of physicians could hurt. I don't know how fiscally sustainable it is though. These are good points. I also would like to see a more patient-centred approach to patient treatment. Vaguely speaking -- I think we need to somehow introduce a way for their to be a little competition in the system and somehow turn the system into one where physicians strive to deliver the best "customer service" to their patients.
  6. Well, this is even more the case for Canadian citizens who are having to leave the country to study elsewhere because of the lack of medical school spots here. It's kind of embarassing for Canada, I think, the brain drain that occurs because of this. Obviously, I have a bias as well, but I do think it is important that Canadians feel they have a pathway to return back home to practice medicine, given they have undergone proper the proper evaluations. As a US medical graduate, I will be able to apply to residency and be treated like a CMG - but I think it is important that all IMGs be given a chance to match, particularly Canadian citizens. I think what this speaks to is an even more pressing issue. We urgently need doctors, but we aren't producing enough of them (both, with respect to residency & medical education spots). Students are leaving the country in large amounts to study medicine because of this lack of opportunity. You don't see this happening in the US, Australia, England, or in most of Europe. Either the government needs to fund more spots, and do it soon, or they need to consider allowing the entry of privately funded medical schools. As much as some people are opposed to this, it would certainly allow for a dramatic influx in the number of Canadian trained physicians. Let's not even get started on the other issues at hand here. There is excess demand for medical resources that we don't seem to be able to keep up with. The best thing governments think they can do is throw money at the problem and hope it goes away --- it won't. We need a more flexible health care system and there needs to be a serious evaluation of our health care model by the Feds & the provinces. Paul Martin's previous health accord, the so-called "fix for a generation" is not a fix at all... it was just a "let's keep ignoring this issue" waste of time.
  7. For any Canadian studying outside of the country who has an interest in going to Ontario afterwards: The following links may be useful to you: http://www.healthforceontario.ca/Work/OutsideOntario/PhysiciansOutsideOntario/CanadiansStudyingAbroad.aspx (You can sign up and have a counselor help explain stuff to you and help you with applications, etc) http://www.healthforceontario.ca/Work/OutsideOntario/PhysiciansOutsideOntario/PracticeRequirements.aspx
  8. Private, not-for-profit institutions. Way of the future. (Waits for arrows to come my way. )
  9. FYI - At MSU CHM, in my current class, we have at least 7 Canadians (out of 200) that are matriculating. Pretty good representation I'd say.
  10. I also wrote it 3 times, similar scores such as you. I managed to get 9 interviews this year and into a few schools. Don't worry about it!
  11. This was my strategy: http://premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=43060
  12. Thanks for the advice rmorelan. That's a very good point. The BMO guy I spoke with today hasn't done any of these and he had told me the interest rate will go up during residency. I think he is probably not informed, so I will have to discuss with him again. TD says on their website that during residency (up to 7 years), interest stays at prime. I was leaning towards BMO, but this is a very important point to clarify.
  13. I don't accept the question. I don't think you can ever classify the entire species as good or evil... and then, good or evil is such a subjective term. There are both "good" and "evil" tendencies in humans and I don't really think you can apply one brush to coat everyone with.
  14. The Law

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    Summarizes my thoughts exactly. Good posting.
  15. Pardon my late entry into this conversation, but I think this is further proof that the current way med student training is funded in Canada is unsustainable. Ten seats are going to international students because of lack of funding when there are thousands of students at home who want to become physicians and are leaving the country to do it. A lot of these students will pay excessive international student fees to get their training. I've brought it up before and faced resistance, but if we aren't training enough physicians and there is a demand... I think public-private partnerships should occur to open up more medical school training spots. I'm sure many of us who are going across the border to train could attest to the fact we'd gladly pay more for our medical training to have the opportunity to do it. And by no means am I rich, I'll do it with loans just like most of us who go out of Canada end up doing.
  16. I sent a personal e-mail to most of my referees to let them know and thank them.
  17. Don't worry, the schools know that Canadian schools are different. You can e-mail them to confirm, but I didn't have a problem at any of the schools with regards to pre-reqs... even if it says "6 credit hours" on our full year courses.
  18. I'm not sure about DO, but AMCAS letter service basically does everything you need to do except for Duke (and a few other schools). Last cycle, every school I applied to used AMCAS letter service, so I don't really see the need for interfolio.
  19. Anybody have experience with applying to OSAP if you're going to a med school in the US? Also, for "total gross income" that includes graduate student stipend, yes? It says it's not to be reported on my tax return, but I'm not sure if I have to report this on OSAP.
  20. +1 Gotta love those tax (cut) and (over) spend tories... It's okay, just put it on our tab.
  21. I can't believe Ignatieff didn't step down, WTF he didn't even win his riding. What is wrong with him? Not to mention he gave the longest concession speech ever...
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