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  1. Yeah, I don't even know the name of the NDP candidate in my riding (and I'm a big time political junky). They just hardly have a presence for me to vote for them. I'm just really dissapointed in the lack of new ideas coming out of the Liberal party... I hope this election really, really shakes them up. They need fresh blood.
  2. I voted Liberal because the NDP didn't even get 15% support in my riding last election and the Liberals won by only about 200 votes. I did want to vote NDP, but I was scared this would just split the left vote and give the Conservatives a win. I do hope the NDP has a very strong showing tomorrow, I'm fed up with Liberal disorganization.
  3. Wow congratulations! I heard the waitlist didn't move at all last year!
  4. Draft starting in approx 15 minutes! If you're interested, sign up now!!
  5. Sure. I mean it's basically a smear campaign where you pick a message, any message... something that may not even have a basis in fact, and keep repeating it, regardless of how true it is and how relevent it is to current issues. This is done with the hope of distracting from actual issues affecting voters and in an effort to tarnish the reputation of the opponent. For example, in the 2004 US election they started calling John Kerry a "Flip-Flopper" and just kept repeating this message until they were blue in the face. Regardless of what issues came up during the campaign they would somehow link it to the fact "he's a flip-flopper!!" Bringing it back to the current campaign, Stephen Harper mentioned the words "reckless coalition" about 21 times in one of his recent speeches. It's funny because this "reckless coalition" with "separtists" and "socialists" (note the buzz words that will be repeated many times) is the exact same "coalition" that he said he'd be willing to be a part of in 2004 should the Paul Martin government fail in a vote of confidence (which, if my memory didn't fail me, did not happen - the confidence motion failed by 1 vote! One of the rare times a speaker of the house got to vote to break a tie!).
  6. I'm pretty disgusted by Stephen Harper's blatant lies with regards to a coalition government forming. Not only is it fear-mongering that is not based on any fact, but it's extremely hypocrtical because he himself tried to do the same thing to Paul Martin's minority government in 2004. This type of campaigning is pretty much what the Republicans do in the United States and pisses me off. Why doesn't he stick to arguing about the issues that actually matter to our country and stop with the bull****? Give me a break.
  7. I don't credit Harper for this. I credit our sound economy to the economic management in the years before Harper... the fact our banking regulations did not allow our banks to accumulate toxic assets like in the US and other countries.
  8. Also, it's all about how you PRESENT what you did. Focus on the clinical exposures you would get. I'm sure working at a doctor's office will give you some clinical contact (as thirty6ix points out).
  9. At my ER I didn't do "grunt work"... I got to see a lot of cool stuff and got to talk to patients every now and then... I also volunteered at a regional long-term care centre for a few years and that was amazing. Work with people with a rich history and with many different medical conditions too - for example, I had never worked with any people with Alzheimer's until that point in time... so it was really eye opening with me. I think it depends on where you are and just make sure you get the actual experience you're looking for!
  10. Draft in just over a week, in case there are more joiners out there!
  11. I think people who got in after one try are more likely to answer the poll.
  12. Yeah I've loved them for a while, have a bunch of their albums & b-sides. Fun band. The suburbs as a whole is amazing, I was so happy that they won.
  13. I got so lucky, I BARELY squeaked into the playoffs... it was seriously a nail biter, then somehow managed to get into the semi finals because I got lucky vs supa! It was so close, every single week between everyone, especially late in the season!
  14. Eh, was going to do that... but it's worked in the past with the same categories we've had and I'm writing my thesis right now so didn't have much time to think about things before doing it. Also, I like having a bit of variability, people have to balance using starting and relief pitchers this way a bit more.
  15. You mean the ones we're looking at? Some of them are obvious, but I'll explain the oddball ones: Grand Slam - doesn't happen often, but could be a game changer if it happens during a close contest! H/9 - it used to be just "hits" but when that was the case, people who played starting pitchers (who were amazing pitchers!) would do poorly sometimes, simply because their pitchers played more innings and got more hits against them. This protects against people just playing short-relievers. Pickoffs - don't happen often, but again, just spices things up a bit and can change things up in close matches! cnb88 is another gal who kicked a lot of ass last year!!!
  16. OMG, I face janny in week 1 again?!?!?!? 2 years ago I did also and lost 16-0 lol... (mind you I came back and did well in the playoffs, but dear god...)
  17. Yes, Janny has won both years!! And she always does amazingly! Playoffs were intense last year, everyone had good teams.
  18. We're about to embark on SEASON 3 of PREMED101 fantasy baseball orgasm. Come join other premed101 fantasy baseball nuts! Our two-time reigning champion is janny_jan, who (once again) managed to kick all of our asses last year. Will anyone be able to knock her off the title? (Hmmm... supafield perhaps?) More info: Link to join: http://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/register/joinprivateleague_league_select?.scrumb= To join you will need: 1. League ID: 129735 2. Password to join: premed Live Draft will be Wed, March 30 @ 9:30 pm. Note: you can rank your fave players before draft day in case you aren't there for the draft. League will begin the day games start (I believe March 31!) Max 14 teams. Top 8 will be in the playoffs. Spots go fast so get 'em while they're hot!!!
  19. Okay cool. I don't plan on keeping them holding anyway, I just want some time to decide. In my letter to UVM I did end up stating that even though I have other offers, I'm fully committed to UVM and want to go there and will decline any other offer if I was to get one.... soooooo... here's hoping. I think I've done all I can do at this point! Now who's excited to start med school in a few months?!?!
  20. Does anyone know, will holding multiple acceptances reduce my chances of getting in off the waitlist at Vermont? I'm trying to figure out if I should accept RFU CMS' acceptance or reject it... I'm still not 100% decided on where I want to go. I'm still leaning MSU/Albany, but it feels weird to reject a medical school...
  21. Stats: User Stats (alphabetical order): al89 (32Q 11/11/10, 3.87 CAN) biogirlsbro (33Q 12/9/12, 4.0/4.0 CAN) cocacola142 (34N 11/10/13, 4.0/4.0, CAN) concernedp (30R 10/10/10 3.81/3.81 CAN) coolbond (34Q 12/10/12, 3.83/3.83, CAN) crystelle_007 (34Q 12/9/13. 3.96/3.99, CAN) feelitburn(35R 11/13/11, 3.28/3.49, CAN) fower (37Q 13/9/15, 3.96/3.99, CAN) GGGSaint (Two MCATS: 33R 12/9/12, 31R 11/9/11, 3.78/3.78, CAN) jaym3 (31Q 11/9/11, 3.67, 3.70, CAN) mlbn (32S 11/10/11, 3.73/3.80, CAN) madskillz99 (35R 12/10/13, 3.93/3.95, CAN) pneumania (33Q 11/10/12 3.77 CAN) Prion (36R 12/10/14, 3.98/3.97, CAN) terrypk1 (35P donèt remember, 3.88, CAN) The Law (32R 10/9/13, 3.84/3.81, CAN & US) TheRiverWhy (31P 10/10/11, 4.0/4.0, CAN) thirty6ix (Two MCATS: 32O 11/9/12; 36Q 14/11/11. 3.73/3.75, CAN) Wizard-22 (30Q 10/9/11, 3.93/3.95, CAN) ACCEPTED Albany*: The Law (I: 11/17, A: 11/24) Boston: thirty6ix (I: 10/13, A 01/06), mlbn (I:11/05, A: 01/07) CMS: biogirlsbro (I:11/10,A:11/16), The Law (I: 11/?, A 2/22) Dartmouth: RickyJamesMD (I:09/30, A:10/22) EVMS: mlbn (I :11/03, A:11/20) GWU: Feelitburn (I:12/03, A: 02/08) Kentucky: mlbn (I: 11/06, A:11/11), GGGSaint (I: 10/23, A: 12/09) MSU: terrypk1 (I: 10/25, A: 11/2), Wizard-22 (I: 10:28, A: 12/07), The Law (I: 11/9, A: 01/05) SLU: mlbn (I:09/20,A:10/16), madskillz99 (I: 10/11, A: 10/28), crystelle_007 (I:10/26, A: 11/11), pneumania (I: 10/26, A: 11/18) SUNY Upstate: thirty6ix (I: 10/19, A: 10/28) UCONN: Feelitburn (I:10/18, A: 11/20) Wayne State: mlbn (I:10/13, A:10/20), Wizard-22 (I: 11/1, A:11/24), TheRiverWhy (I: 10/25, A:11/24), The Law (I: 11/17, A:12/22) WAITLIST AECOM: The Law (I: ~10/13, WL: 01/28) Georgetown: mlbn (I:10/01, WL: 01/05) GWU: concernedp(I: 09/17,WL: 10/18), mlbn (I:09/20, WL:11/3) NYMC: mlbn (I:10/05, WL:12/14), The Law (I: 10/07, WL: 2/24) NYU: GGGSaint (i: 05/01, WL: 25/02) UVM*: The Law (I: 10/5, WL: 12/10) Wayne State: pneumania (I: 10/11, WL: 10/20) Rejected Boston: The Law (I+), GGGSaint (I+) Brown: pneumania (S+) Case:mlbn(S+), TheRiverWhy (S+), pneumania (S+), al89 (S+) Cornell: thirty6ix (S+), al89 (S+) Dartmouth: mlbn (S+), biogirlsbro (S+), The Law (S+) EVMS: concernedp (S+) FIU: mlbn (S+) Georgetown: concernedp (S+), TheRiverWhy (S+), pneumania (S+) GWU: pneumania (S+), thirty6ix (S+) UMaryland: mlbn (S+), pneumania (S+) Mayo: biogirlsbro (S+), TheRiverWhy, thirty6ix (S+) NYMC: concernedp(S+) UMinnesota: pneumania (S+) MSU: concernedp (S+), pneumania (I+) Pritzker (UChicago): thirty6ix (S+) SUNY Upstate: terrypk1 (I+), The Law (S+), TheRiverWhy (S+), mlbn (S+), concernedP (S+), pneumania (S+) Tulane: concernedp(S+), mlbn (S+), pneumania (S+) Vanderbilt: mlbn (S-), thirty6ix (S-) Edit/Delete Message
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