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  1. I'm so sorry to hear of so many fantastic people getting rejected. I really was rooting hard for all of you guys, try not to lose the passion and motivation because of this brutal admissions process. Keep your eye on the prize and find a way to get to it. Even though it is disheartening, you will appreciate it so much more when you DO get in with all this perseverance. Also, good luck to those who got invites! You have your chance to shine now, hope you guys knock 'em dead.
  2. Thanks man, I will take a look. I wanna get it sent by tomorrow for sure, I know adcom is meeting again in a few days!
  3. I thought that too, but I want to know if they can see if I have other offers that I've accepted. I don't want them to be reluctant to send me one because they can see I have the other offers! Although in my LOIs I've always said that UVM is my number one choice... soo.... hmmmm.
  4. I'm about to submit a LOI to UVM... but I wanted to see, do you guys think it helps if I mention I have other acceptances that I will decline if I get an acceptance offer? Could it hurt me to mention that? Do they already know I have other offers?
  5. I only applied to Queen's/Ottawa/Western/Toronto, and have been rejected from all those, so Canada is out the window. I'm still undecided which US school that I've gotten into is my top choice. I think Michigan State CHM is going to be it though. Need more time to think, thank god we get time to decide!!
  6. Stats: User Stats (alphabetical order): al89 (32Q 11/11/10, 3.87 CAN) biogirlsbro (33Q 12/9/12, 4.0/4.0 CAN) cocacola142 (34N 11/10/13, 4.0/4.0, CAN) concernedp (30R 10/10/10 3.81/3.81 CAN) coolbond (34Q 12/10/12, 3.83/3.83, CAN) crystelle_007 (34Q 12/9/13. 3.96/3.99, CAN) feelitburn(35R 11/13/11, 3.28/3.49, CAN) fower (37Q 13/9/15, 3.96/3.99, CAN) GGGSaint (Two MCATS: 33R 12/9/12, 31R 11/9/11, 3.78/3.78, CAN) jaym3 (31Q 11/9/11, 3.67, 3.70, CAN) mlbn (32S 11/10/11, 3.73/3.80, CAN) madskillz99 (35R 12/10/13, 3.93/3.95, CAN) pneumania (33Q 11/10/12 3.77 CAN) Prion (36R 12/10/14, 3.98/3.97, CAN) terrypk1 (35P donèt remember, 3.88, CAN) The Law (32R 10/9/13, 3.84/3.81, CAN & US) TheRiverWhy (31P 10/10/11, 4.0/4.0, CAN) thirty6ix (Two MCATS: 32O 11/9/12; 36Q 14/11/11. 3.73/3.75, CAN) Wizard-22 (30Q 10/9/11, 3.93/3.95, CAN) ACCEPTED Albany*: The Law (I: 11/17, A: 11/24) Boston: thirty6ix (I: 10/13, A 01/06), mlbn (I:11/05, A: 01/07) CMS: biogirlsbro (I:11/10,A:11/16), The Law (I: 11/?, A 2/22) Dartmouth: RickyJamesMD (I:09/30, A:10/22) EVMS: mlbn (I :11/03, A:11/20) GWU: Feelitburn (I:12/03, A: 02/08) Kentucky: mlbn (I: 11/06, A:11/11), GGGSaint (I: 10/23, A: 12/09) MSU: terrypk1 (I: 10/25, A: 11/2), Wizard-22 (I: 10:28, A: 12/07), The Law (I: 11/9, A: 01/05) SLU: mlbn (I:09/20,A:10/16), madskillz99 (I: 10/11, A: 10/28), crystelle_007 (I:10/26, A: 11/11), pneumania (I: 10/26, A: 11/18) SUNY Upstate: thirty6ix (I: 10/19, A: 10/28) UCONN: Feelitburn (I:10/18, A: 11/20) Wayne State: mlbn (I:10/13, A:10/20), Wizard-22 (I: 11/1, A:11/24), TheRiverWhy (I: 10/25, A:11/24), The Law (I: 11/17, A:12/22) WAITLIST AECOM: The Law (I: ~10/13, WL: 01/28) Georgetown: mlbn (I:10/01, WL: 01/05) GWU: concernedp(I: 09/17,WL: 10/18), mlbn (I:09/20, WL:11/3) NYMC: mlbn (I:10/05, WL:12/14) UVM*: The Law (I: 10/5, WL: 12/10) Wayne State: pneumania (I: 10/11, WL: 10/20) Rejected Boston: The Law (I+), GGGSaint (I+) Brown: pneumania (S+) Case:mlbn(S+), TheRiverWhy (S+), pneumania (S+), al89 (S+) Cornell: thirty6ix (S+), al89 (S+) Dartmouth: mlbn (S+), biogirlsbro (S+), The Law (S+) EVMS: concernedp (S+) FIU: mlbn (S+) Georgetown: concernedp (S+), TheRiverWhy (S+), pneumania (S+) GWU: pneumania (S+), thirty6ix (S+) UMaryland: mlbn (S+), pneumania (S+) Mayo: biogirlsbro (S+), TheRiverWhy, thirty6ix (S+) NYMC: concernedp(S+) UMinnesota: pneumania (S+) MSU: concernedp (S+), pneumania (I+) Pritzker (UChicago): thirty6ix (S+) SUNY Upstate: terrypk1 (I+), The Law (S+), TheRiverWhy (S+), mlbn (S+), concernedP (S+), pneumania (S+) Tulane: concernedp(S+), mlbn (S+), pneumania (S+) Vanderbilt: mlbn (S-), thirty6ix (S-) Edit/Delete Message
  7. Anybody here think they might be going to MSU next year? Trying to pick a "preference" for grand rapids vs east lansing... have no idea!
  8. I could actually become a decent snowboarder... hahaha. Gotta figure out life now!!!
  9. Right now I'm picking from Michigan State, Albany Medical College, Wayne State. I'm also on the waitlist at 3 schools and waiting to hear from one more, but primarily, I want to try to get into University of Vermont, which I think is my top choice right now. I am leaning Michigan State I think, unless Vermont comes through!
  10. Yeah I'm not going to lie, I really thought I'd have a chance. I worked so hard and my application was really kinda geared towards U of T now. I don't know what else they wanted. Anyway, that part of my life is done now... have to focus on the future and decide where to go. Hope you guys get better news!
  11. Appreciate the support guys! Gonna move our posts so that we can keep this about stats!
  12. Haha, I applied to the US and got in there so will be going there for sure. I'm just crushed because I really wanted to stay in Toronto next year. But that is life, I'm going to end up a doctor anyway and going to be a damn good one at that. All of you who are rejected, keep your head up and keep working, you'll all find a way to make it.
  13. Regrets just now grad student, 2 publications (1st author + middle author) wgpa: mid 3.8 Lots of ECs I'm crushed
  14. Haha, I'd be honoured... but Patho seems to have all the inside sources.
  15. Hahahaha! Yes, save the time you have to spend looking for the data, so you can maximize your time spent on data analysis.
  16. lol, I guess there in-fact are some people who don't live and breathe off Deb's twitter feed.
  17. Aww, I'm sorry crystelle... hang in there. I hope you get pulled off the hold!
  18. Yeah I think so, but I think they're experienced enough to know what kind of stats/applications they need to interview to keep within the range. That's why the actual total # of interviewees fluctuates every year (but you see it's roughly around the same).
  19. That's not the case though. Deboarah has repeatedly stated that running out of interview spots is not an issue at all. They can always interview more people and if they want to meet you, then they will send you an invite. See: http://utmedadmissions.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/the-interview/#comment-1292
  20. 1. The year you apply, the schools will not consider those grades. This won't be held against you. However, should you not gain admission, then having 2 years with less than a full course load makes it more difficult to have them apply the weighting again in the future. However, you will never know whether or not they applied the weighting to you. 2. There is no requirement that you HAVE to take a full-course load. You don't send in a transcript post-interview. It is post-acceptance you do this. However, if you meet their minimum conditions (~15.0 credits completed in university), then you would be fine. Full-course load or not. 3. They do not look at the grades the year you apply. As long as you pass, it won't make a difference.
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