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    mcat books??

    http://www.amazon.com/ExamKrackers-MCAT-Vol-5/dp/1893858146/ref=si3_rdr_bb_product/104-9733040-4164732?ie=UTF8 Has anyone used this book? Examkrackers MCAT Physics
  2. The Law

    MCAT Prep Course: Kaplan or Princeton Review?

    Do you know where I could find the kaplan physics review book? Do they make books just for a specific subject?
  3. The Law

    MCAT Prep Course: Kaplan or Princeton Review?

    Thanks, yeah I had really bad teachers. I pulled off good marks, thanks only to the fact we were allowed a cheat sheet for the exam.
  4. Well, I had physics, bio, chem, calculus, and psychology first year. I managed to handle it. Everyone knows their strengths and weaknesses, so if you feel that you can tackle these courses, then I say go for it. Just prioritize your time, make a schedule of things you have to do, try not to procrastinate... and you will be fine. I do know a few people who are taking physics in 2nd year, but personally, I am glad that I never have to do physics again (except when I start preparing for the mcats). Hope that helps you out!
  5. The Law

    mcat books??

    That was an awesome post, great find!
  6. The Law

    MCAT Prep Course: Kaplan or Princeton Review?

    Thanks for the advice! That's a good idea, I don't physics to really ruin my confidence as I scramble to try to understand it. Any suggestions for good physics books? I've heard of the kaplan physics review and also of the examkrackers 1001 questions for physics.
  7. Many US med schools require physics.
  8. The Law

    MCAT Prep Course: Kaplan or Princeton Review?

    Yeah, I didn't take physics in high school... and the course I took in university wasn't really run well, so I don't feel confident in it... vs say, chem or bio where I really feel like I can tackle those subjects. So you suggest that I go over the basic physics concepts before I start studying for the mcat, right? I'm really confident in my general chem and bio... and especially after next year where I will have just taken biochem, genetics, and orgo, that will just help strengthen those subjects. Do you think I should start looking over physics concepts really early? Any tips on how to prepare for physics, especially since I feel weak in it? Thanks!
  9. The Law

    MCAT Prep Course: Kaplan or Princeton Review?

    I keep hearing that TPR is better than Kap. I'm planning on writing it next summer. I am really weak in physics though, so I don't know about studying it by myself. However, when it comes to school, I'm really determined and have no problem studying. I don't procrastinate and seem to do a good job at pacing myself/making sure everything is covered. I'm really confused as to whether I should take a course or not... Well, I've got almost a year to decide, but I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  10. I think Kaplan offers services like that, I'm not 100% sure though if it's available in Canada.
  11. Yeah, I feel it's pretty ridiculous that they say the min gpa is 3.0 to apply when the average was something around 3.87 last year.
  12. The Law

    Balancing ECs and school

    Yeah, last year was my first year. At the beginning I just took it easy getting used to school and stuff, and then steadily added a couple things during the year that I found fun to do and thought would be good experiences.
  13. But the shortness of February makes it 12. lol
  14. The Law

    We're moving!!!

    Thanks Ian! Great work with the move!