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  1. Yeah I think so, but I think they're experienced enough to know what kind of stats/applications they need to interview to keep within the range. That's why the actual total # of interviewees fluctuates every year (but you see it's roughly around the same).
  2. That's not the case though. Deboarah has repeatedly stated that running out of interview spots is not an issue at all. They can always interview more people and if they want to meet you, then they will send you an invite. See: http://utmedadmissions.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/the-interview/#comment-1292
  3. The Law

    Top 10 Reasons to Date a Pre-Med (Dirty)

    Apparently I missed them too...
  4. The Law

    Course Load and Grades Question

    1. The year you apply, the schools will not consider those grades. This won't be held against you. However, should you not gain admission, then having 2 years with less than a full course load makes it more difficult to have them apply the weighting again in the future. However, you will never know whether or not they applied the weighting to you. 2. There is no requirement that you HAVE to take a full-course load. You don't send in a transcript post-interview. It is post-acceptance you do this. However, if you meet their minimum conditions (~15.0 credits completed in university), then you would be fine. Full-course load or not. 3. They do not look at the grades the year you apply. As long as you pass, it won't make a difference.
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    Graduate student count

    I like the way you think!!!!
  6. The Law

    Graduate student count

    lol, that's how we kill time! worry about UT apps.
  7. Agreed. If relationships are good and she can get a positive letter, I'd say ask the supervisor.
  8. The Law

    Title Edited

    In our forum rules, we clearly state that we will not allow postings that target ethnic groups and are considered hate-speech. This thread can be considered such a posting. I do not think the original poster intended to cause harm, but this thread will only result in a debate that will enrage forum members. While we allow healthy debates, I do not forsee this leading to anything good and have closed the thread.
  9. This thread is cute. *thumbs up* Good revival.
  10. That helps my nerves lol. I have a dream about U of T every single night right now, I need a life. lol
  11. Just a reminder, we're trying to keep this thread stats-oriented. I've deleted some posts to keep the thread clean. For discussion about interviews, please see here.
  12. Man, I hear ya. Thank God I'm drowning in work, at least that helps a bit... but worrying about U of T is distracting! Every time my e-mail sound chimes on my blackberry my heart drops!
  13. I need to keep my mind off of this and stay focussed on my work!! AHHH!
  14. I'm wondering what kind of updates I could add, I don't have any new papers submitted or anything at the moment... last time I told them I was preparing a paper (still am) and writing my thesis (still am!)... I just really like their school and want to go there! Maybe I'll give them a call first, and then in like 3-4 weeks, send the next update. The adcom meets every 6-8 weeks and I know they met end of January, so March looks like the next round.
  15. Sorry, let me be more clear, graduate course grades carry much more weight in a course-based program. I'm not entirely sure about this second part though, I was thinking that one B+ won't necessarily be looked at very badly here if all the other grades are fine because the overall GPA/avg will probably still be okay. I could be wrong though, maybe you need an A- in everything then in a course-based program. Not sure though.
  16. I'm on the "out of area alternate list" at UVM... I have sent two letters of interest (one in December, one in January)... would it be desperate-sounding if I sent another one later this month or early March? I heard their committee likes people who show interest in the school. I think I may call them to inquire about apps, one day when I'm not in the lab till the sun comes up again.
  17. My transcript may or may not have been too late. When I sent it, I think the mark was there in the one class I've finished so far... (at least I'm praying it was), otherwise, they'll have to decide without seeing any of my master's grades (I'm in a thesis-based program). I don't know why I'm even worrying about this, I have all but given up hope already... Guess, we'll see.
  18. It depends. A B+ in a thesis-based grad program will probably negatively affect you. Usually, the minimum you can get in a course without failing is a B- or so, in many programs. However, they are more lenient if it is a course-based master's program.
  19. Deborah has said before that an A- would not put you at a disadvantage.
  20. U of T is so great for keeping us in the loop though!
  21. You guys are nuts! Probably as nuts as I am though because I'm so nervoussss. Best of luck to everybody. lol @ the food speculators
  22. Yeah, I am pretty sure it's 5 years.
  23. Great information everyone! Great posts. Does anyone know how beneficial it is to do electives in the city you are interested in getting a residency in during carms?