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  1. I called NYMC to find out about my application. My interview was almost 4 months ago! They said that I'm still under review, but she seemed surprised given that my interview was so long ago. What could be taking them so long? Strange.
  2. Sigh. My experiment uttery failed today, and the annoying thing is, I have done it before, validated the protocol, and was expecting it to be a walk in the park. These last 2 days have all gone wrong for me. Gah.
  3. Thank you. I'm so glad I have a crazy experiment today that's taking up all my time. I have a short incubation now so had to join my fellow p101ers .
  4. Ah, but my total score the first time was <30... so I doubt I'll make the cutoff, if that's what it is. Anyway, we'll see.
  5. To be honest, I think Ontario's process basically does amount to that. I really did not plan on rewriting my 32R, just to pray for a 10 in verbal. I have scored a 10 before, but didn't happen on my most recent attempt and it just wasn't worth it! Besides, writing the MCAT while being in grad school was hard enough as it is... !! Oh well. C'est la vie. Boy am I glad I went the US route this year.
  6. I'm just waiting for my rejection, my chances of getting into a Canadian school are close to being extinguished. Waiting on queen's and U of T.
  7. I called them last week and they said "your status is still pending".... I'm going to try to call them again today and see what they say! I have no idea what's going on, but it has been pretty annoying waiting!
  8. Stats: User Stats (alphabetical order): biogirlsbro (33Q 12/9/12, 4.0/4.0 CAN) cocacola142 (34N 11/10/13, 4.0/4.0, CAN) concernedp (30R 10/10/10 3.81/3.81 CAN) coolbond (34Q 12/10/12, 3.83/3.83, CAN) crystelle_007 (34Q 12/9/13. 3.96/3.99, CAN) feelitburn(35R 11/13/11, 3.28/3.49, CAN) fower (37Q 13/9/15, 3.96/3.99, CAN) GGGSaint (Two MCATS: 33R 12/9/12, 31R 11/9/11, 3.78/3.78, CAN) jaym3 (31Q 11/9/11, 3.67, 3.70, CAN) mlbn (32S 11/10/11, 3.73/3.80, CAN) madskillz99 (35R 12/10/13, 3.93/3.95, CAN) pneumania (33Q 11/10/12 3.77 CAN) Prion (36R 12/10/14, 3.98/3.97, CAN) terrypk1 (35P donèt remember, 3.88, CAN) The Law (32R 10/9/13, 3.84/3.81, CAN & US) TheRiverWhy (31P 10/10/11, 4.0/4.0, CAN) thirty6ix (Two MCATS: 32O 11/9/12; 36Q 14/11/11. 3.73/3.75, CAN) Wizard-22 (30Q 10/9/11, 3.93/3.95, CAN) ACCEPTED Albany*: The Law (I: 11/17, A: 11/24) Boston: thirty6ix (I: 10/13, A 01/06), mlbn (I:11/05, A: 01/07) CMS: biogirlsbro (I:11/10,A:11/16) Dartmouth: RickyJamesMD (I:09/30, A:10/22) EVMS: mlbn (I :11/03, A:11/20) Kentucky: mlbn (I: 11/06, A:11/11), GGGSaint (I: 10/23, A: 12/09) MSU: terrypk1 (I: 10/25, A: 11/2), Wizard-22 (I: 10:28, A: 12/07), The Law (I: 11/9, A: 01/05) SLU: mlbn (I:09/20,A:10/16), madskillz99 (I: 10/11, A: 10/28), crystelle_007 (I:10/26, A: 11/11), pneumania (I: 10/26, A: 11/18) SUNY Upstate: thirty6ix (I: 10/19, A: 10/28) Wayne State: mlbn (I:10/13, A:10/20), Wizard-22 (I: 11/1, A:11/24), TheRiverWhy (I: 10/25, A:11/24), The Law (I: 11/17, A:12/22) WAITLIST Georgetown: mlbn (I:10/01, WL: 01/05) GWU: concernedp(I: 09/17,WL: 10/18), mlbn (I:09/20, WL:11/3) NYMC: mlbn (I:10/05, WL:12/14) UVM*: The Law (I: 10/5, WL: 12/10) Wayne State: pneumania (I: 10/11, WL: 10/20) Rejected Boston: The Law (I+), GGGSaint (I+) Brown: pneumania (S+) Case:mlbn(S+), TheRiverWhy (S+), pneumania (S+) Cornell: thirty6ix (S+) Dartmouth: mlbn (S+), biogirlsbro (S+), The Law (S+) EVMS: concernedp (S+) Georgetown: concernedp (S+), TheRiverWhy (S+), pneumania (S+) GWU: pneumania (S+), thirty6ix (S+) UMaryland: mlbn (S+), pneumania (S+) Mayo: biogirlsbro (S+), TheRiverWhy, thirty6ix (S+) NYMC: concernedp(S+) UMinnesota: pneumania (S+) MSU: concernedp (S+), pneumania (I+) Pritzker (UChicago): thirty6ix (S+) SUNY Upstate: terrypk1 (I+), The Law (S+), TheRiverWhy (S+), mlbn (S+), concernedP (S+), pneumania (S+) Tulane: concernedp(S+), mlbn (S+), pneumania (S+) Vanderbilt: mlbn (S-), thirty6ix (S-) *Must be US citizen/perm resident to apply here. Dissapointed since I survived so long and worked so hard on the application, but oh well!
  9. For thesis-based work, they look for "A level" grades in your graduate courses. If they don't have marks on the transcript though, I don't see how they'd be able to assses that... which I guess would shift the focus of their evaluation only to productivity. I sure hope that my transcript that I sent last week did have the grade because I did get an A!
  10. I clicked "recent academic history" and not complete though, so I don't know if the mark showed in in "complete academic history" or not. On ROSI it says: So if the only difference is that complete contains details ommitted there, then I should be fine because the grade was up. I went to UT med admissions office to check, but they aren't able to check if the mark is there and they also told me that any updates at this point would probably not make it in (but it was up to me to try). I'm ordering a transcript anyway and we'll see what happens. God I hate how disorganized the UT registrar is sometimes... I'm always confused about how to do things. It was never like this at Western! Anyway, I don't see why the course mark would appear in "recent academic history" but not "complete academic history"... but I might as well be safe and order another one, and hope for the best!
  11. Anybody know for sure? I clicked "recent history" and it showed my courses and it had marks, so I assumed the transcript would have it... maybe I should order another and take it just in case?
  12. Are you guys sure the grades were just released? I saw my mark on ROSI last Wednesday so ordered a transcript and delivered it to them already...?
  13. Hi there, Yes, it is still a full course load. It's been mentioned on the blog: http://utmedadmissions.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/graduate-applicant-notes/
  14. It was a long shot for me anyway. I sure wish I was SWOMEN now though!
  15. Haha apparently I did miss the boat on that one. I commented on the U of T blog to see what they have to say about it... hopefully it doesn't impact us too badly.
  16. Grr, I just noticed that OMSAS screwed up some of my formatting on my U of T essays... it basically removed ' and " from the text and I didn't notice. 1 word is missing an apostrophe and a quote is missing the quotation marks! Guess there's nothing I can do about that...
  17. Yeah, I feel it used to be in the FAQ but I don't see it any longer. OP, let us know when you get the answer!
  18. rmorelan, I'm not sure if that's true. If I remember correctly, there was a special caveat about failed courses I read a few years ago. It was my understanding at the time, that failed courses would not count towards the 5.0 credit requirement. Definitely better to confirm with admissions in this case. I'm pretty sure that if you overload a class now, and pass all of them, you would still be eligible for weighting. You can get your answer either by e-mailing them or calling them, or just post on their blog here: http://utmedadmissions.wordpress.com/ They have an extremely helpful blog that is very informative. The answer may even be there if you search for it.
  19. m1428: That sounds AMAZING lol. I wanna try! Throw in a Zelda puzzle and it'd be perfect.
  20. Geez, passport was missing for 3 days and I just found it. Must remember to fax this tomorrow, although I have a huge experiment to do in the lab so hope I find some time.
  21. I love the nervous speculation. Hang in there guys.
  22. When I called certify they said put AAMC, but now I'm gonna put both!! lol I keep forgetting my passport at home. I need to fax this in!! grr.
  23. Anytime schools asked if I was a reapplicant, I opted on the side of caution myself and said yes and said I applied to Canadian schools. I'm sure over the time you didn't get in, you've done things to improve your chances of getting in... so it usually asked how you improved and I just wrote in a short blurb!
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