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  1. Result: Accepted to MD (St. George Campus) Interview Date: Feb 28 wGPA: 3.97 MCAT: 29 Interview: Thought it went well; was a very positive experience. OOP Completed UG in 2013
  2. I declined my interview and heard back today from a non-automated email.
  3. I'm also wondering which bank offers the best deal or if all professional line of credits are virtually the same? I was just talking with someone from Scotiabank re: the Scotia Professional Student Plan (SPSP). A condition of me being eligible is that I have to switch my credit card from a Scotiabank Value Visa (interest rate 11.99%) to a ScotiaGold Passport Visa (interest rate 19.99%). I was advised to use my credit card most of the time as it at least has a grace period for repayments versus the SPSP which accumulates interest as soon as you use it. Anyone have any insight on whether a different bank offers a competitive line of credit/professional loan without needing to have a credit card with a high interest rate?
  4. I declined my interview offer today in favour of a different program. So one more spot up for grabs!
  5. NS applicant Accepted! GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 29 Interview: Felt great about most stations 3rd time applicant
  6. Hopefully it's desperation as measured from the number of premed101 log-ins, comments and page refreshings.
  7. Ditto. Also, from one of the AAMS reps on FB, "No new information as of yet. Carolyn has re-iterated that right now they are sticking with the end of March."
  8. I wish they had a clear date for offers of admission like OMSAS does, unlike the ambiguous "some time in March".
  9. Does anyone know how the acceptance decision letters read? I wonder if they start off differently than the rejection letters or if you need to read 2 sentences deep to find out the verdict. Trying to minimize even the tiniest bit of suspense!
  10. When does Dal typically contact applicants for an interview invite? Can't seem to find that info anywhere online.
  11. Any idea how each category is further broken down? Wondering how much weight is given to the BPE, ABS and LOR.
  12. In previous years the Admissions Office (via the AAMS reps) have at least been able to tell us definitively when NOT to expect our decision letters (e.g. definitely not this week). That would be nice to know so that we could hopefully take a break from compulsively refreshing all these pages
  13. I also found it hard to gauge. I felt positively about it initially but now am going through that self-doubt phase. Hard to understand how such lax interviews can be judged and weighted so heavily.
  14. True. Calculating probabilities will have to keep me [somewhat] occupied during the suspenseful waiting period.
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