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  1. In applying to any residency, I know that job security in the future is something to highly consider. Passion for the field far exceeds any other factor, I agree, but job security is obviously something I shouldn't have as a priority as well. So regarding this, I've heard many negative statistics about job security for most specialties currently or in the near future. My questions are: 1) How bad is a "bad job market", in terms of the proportions of students that attain jobs out of residency? How about for a "good" job market? 2) Which residencies look to be quite secure for job markets? 3) I'm looking to likely shoot for community practice (preferably not rural, but I will if I have to). Academic settings are even more competitive, and I'm likely not going to shoot for it. How does this affect my future chances? Thanks!!
  2. To those 2019's out there, I was just wondering if you've received info over email or anything. I know recently they took down the Secondary Application documents down, and I've been waiting for more info since. The only thing I haven't sent them is the final vaccination form (which isn't due til August I believe)? Me being the paranoid sucker that I am, I am eagerly and anxiously waiting for emails or anything to let me know they didn't forget about me... Thanks everyone!
  3. Hey everyone! So I've been browsing the forums and yes, I've noted the fact that research is only needed for the most competitive specialties (ex. ROADS). Also I've noted that electives and face time at the programs you want is also probably more important. But to put it all into perspective, I'd love to get all your opinions on which specialties exactly you very likely need research, which specialties would be good to have research for, and which specialties likely do not need research for. I know it's not a clear cut yes or no question but I would love to hear your opinions (from both med students and residents and anyone else with CaRMS experience!) LIst of specialties: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hm68QhK1Jifs4OFN6oLQPCxWcmdhrQTdJl4DrlFrWMQ/edit#gid=0 Very likely need research: Would be good to have research: Likely do not need research: Thanks!
  4. Thank you, Harvey! Once again, you are reliable as hell
  5. As I fully expected, my brain's generated a fresh new batch of questions.. And I expect some of you are wondering why I'm bothering jumping the gun here and not relaxing during the summer prior to beginning the journey and I ask you to forgive me, but my job doesn't start til June and I'm just too excited!! 1. For our schedule, I understand some small group sessions can either be mornings or afternoons (ex. Tues mornings or Fri afternoons). Do we get a choice between these two when making our Beartracks schedule? 2. What is orientation week like? A constant flow of events? Should I even expect to sleep (or to not be hungover haha )? 3. How do exam preparation skills and study methods change with medical school exams? In undergrad, I generally started revising notes weeks ahead, over and over, and started memorizing closer to the date of the exam. I've heard these tactics tend to change with the more clinical examination methods? 4. How does the wide range of ages of the students affect the class dynamic? I'm only 20 and I expect most students to be older than me, so I'm wondering if the age gap is often evident, since I'm sure the age ranges from 19-28ish? 5. Do most people have a sense of what speciality they wanna do coming in or is it usually pretty open-ended for most and changes a lot through the 4 years? 6. Are the vodcasts effective enough so that lectures are actually skippable (whether it's for sleep or other commitments)? 7. Are there any new access privileges that medical/dental students get? Like lounges or programs or anything? 8. This is going way off topic but in a class of 160ish students, there're bound to be relationships (although I'm sure it's frowned upon and advised against). Is this common? Sorry to bother you guys again! Hopefully some of my questions are actually satisfying others' curiosity as well!
  6. I recently came across a source that said pediatrics was becoming more and more competitive, and it recommended doing research. I'd honestly rather not do research at all since I've tried it and it's definitely not the summer I'd imagined in between my med school years. I do hold a great position as a coordinator at a kids' day camp, but I don't know how well this stacks up to research.
  7. Thanks Harvey! Appreciate it! The more questions that get answered, the more excited I get! Yeah I totally expect the class to get pretty cliquey, especially because you can't expect people to be completely different than they were in undergrad, and even adults are cliquey I guess. Did a trip to Mexico or anywhere else happen this past year? Because I'm definitely stoked on a class trip to an all-inclusive resort haha. Btw, Harvey, you better not mess things up with Donna man she's a catch. I think the new season comes out June.
  8. Thanks very much for the detailed response, Recollections!!! Really appreciate it! Im gonna go digest this and probably come back with a batch of new questions in a couple days haha. I wouldn't mind hearing other's POV on these questions as well! And please, I'd love to hear other incomings' questions too
  9. You really seem like you know what you want to do, doctaK! The reasons you listed are definitely everything that FM residencies are looking for. I think that most go into med school looking to gain perspective on what their speciality should be, but knowing in advance and building on that during your 4 years of U of A will be more than beneficial to both your classmates that can feed off of your passion and to yourself. My interests and personality don't completely line up perfectly with yours, and so FM might not end up being my calling in 4 years from now. But your post definitely help me see the underlying and the appropriate reasons to pursuing a career as a GP, and will help me to be to be more open-minded towards it when doing our clerkship. Thanks!
  10. That's awesome! doctaK, if you don't mind me asking, what are your biggest motivations in pursuing family medicine? I want to be as open-minded as possible going in (as much as I like to believe I'm going to be specializing). Thanks!
  11. Wow, thanks very much Recollections and Harvey Specter! Really appreciate it. I've just been looking up info on the curriculum, pre-clerkship, clerkship, and the general day in the life of a med student at the U of A. If you have the time, it'd be great to have some of these questions answered! 1) Is there a lot of studying outside of the classes? I've heard mixed responses on this. 2) Is it true that most days start at 8am? And go till late afternoon? 3) Obviously coming in as a first year, a lot of our thoughts are going to be to have fun at the beginning. I've also heard that I shouldn't be too lenient, however, if I want to go for a competitive specialty. I'm thinking pediatrics or surgery, so what kind of extra-curriculars and how much would I have to get involved in to stay competitive for those programs? 4) What exactly does CaRMS look for MOST when judging applicants in matching them to specialities? 5) 167 other people in the class. Doesn't it tend to get clique-y? 6) I know family medicine is the most common specialty (30-40%). Are there actually a lot of med students passionate about being a GP or is it often a fallback they tend to eventually settle for? 7) So all in all, is it really possible to maintain a social life, do well in med school, shadow, volunteer, and hang out with classmates? Seems like a tall order! Thanks very much, and I'm so sorry for the torrent of questions!
  12. Hello! I know this is asking for a lot, but as they have on other schools' forums, are there any second/third/fourth year U of A students willing to start up a Q&A forum for the new incoming students? I know people like Harvey Specter and other current students are always so willing to help out! If I'm asking for too much and you guys are busy, please don't worry about it!
  13. I know the interview stats for OOP interview invites were mentioned in a recent forum. Would these statistics be similar to the 2/3 year IP pool's statistics? Does anyone happen to have these numbers? I'd really like to get a scope of where I'm standing pre-interview Thanks!
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