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  1. I am just wondering what the maximum amount of OSAP a student can receive in a 4 year program, assuming they have high need (debt going into medical school, etc). Considering tuition is about 28k, my OSAP barely covers half.
  2. I think because I took the year off, it's weird feeling like I will have no "income" again as a student. Rather, I am just accruing more debt ontop of my existing undergraduate debt. I had a whole plan of how to divide up my income into my TFSA, emergency, and daily living expenses. I feel like all of that goes out the door now without any income and sort of just this LOC of 275K and how I can spend it most reasonably in the next 4 years+.
  3. So is the basic financial advice: Use as much OSAP and personal savings as possible in the beginning Use LoC later, once OSAP starts to accrue interest Try to be as frugal as possible
  4. Access to this doc is restricted, can you make it accessible?
  5. Decided to post for future applicants - to inspire and give hope! Result: Accepted (off Waitlist) Timestamp: June 7, 2018 GPA: 3.87 (Last 2 years) MCAT: 514 (126 CARS) ECs: Diverse, things I enjoyed, a lot of employment, a decent amount of research but no publications at time of application Geography: IP Interview: Pulled off waitlist for interviews... the week before the first weekend of interviews. So flustered. Felt really good coming out of panel, MMI was not so great. Continued to feel exponentially worse as I had flashbacks of my interview until June. Year: Graduated UG 2017, a part-time retail job and a part-time research assistant I honestly didn't think I could do it. My chances were low (statistically). But trust your intuition and truly be your (best) self at the interview. Show that you are passionate and have your own story for pursuing medicine. Take the time to reflect on that whenever you can. Sometimes I would have random bursts of "Why am I even doing this?" and I would journal all these different thoughts which helped me prepare for interviews. Also my stats weren't great, my GPA and MCAT aren't amazing, but aren't bad... still a testament that you don't have to be a perfect student to get in. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I feel incredibly lucky to be in this position and I want to pay it forward.
  6. Thanks so much!!! And grats to you on MAC!! Super exciting!
  7. Got off waitlist June 7, 11 am! Good luck to everyone.
  8. i feel like this is the false hope that's detrimental to my mental health :'(
  9. Realistically no one knows, but I think lowest overall score was 513 from the accepted/waitlist/rejected thread? Idk about individual section scores, but I got an interview with 126 in CARS.
  10. So from here on out are offers given out sporadically throughout the next few weeks?
  11. I was really defeated after seeing offers go out today and not receiving one. But after reflecting a bit I know I have an MPH waiting for me. The only thing that hurts is feeling like I am falling "behind" because I will be older after a masters and taking a year off, but its a pretty irrational fear. It's not over yet, but planning to move on...
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