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  1. I know that schools like Calgary only take the best CARS score but I was wondering if anyone knows whether Canadian med schools also only consider the BESTmMCAT score or do they consider the most RECENT results?
  2. Last summer, I used the PR books for psychology but come MCAT, there were many topics that were tested that weren't even mentioned in the Princeton Review Pysch book. Does anyone who did particularly well on the Psych component of the MCAT have any suggestions on the best review materials to use?
  3. I have heard alot of people saying that writing the MCAT earlier may offer some sort of an advantage compared to writing the MCAT in August, when a larger bulk of people write it who may have had a longer time to prepare. Is there any truth to this? Would writing in early July be considered "off-season"
  4. Yes exactly.. At least the waiting period is finally coming to a close. Just a bit longer!
  5. It seems as though these emails could have gone out weeks ago, especially to those who had a very low chance of getting offers. Waiting until the class is almost full doesn't help much in my opinion.
  6. Hey! Just to confirm.. are there 9 Cars passages for the 90 minutes? And did you find that your scores on Princeton and Kaplan practice tests if you did them were indicative of the score you received.. in other words.. did you get 520+ on those as well ?
  7. Anyone know if anymore offers have gone out today?
  8. Thanks for letting us know! Did you get an offer of admission yesterday?
  9. Anyone know if more offers went out today??
  10. From this forum i know offers have gone out wednesday and friday. Can't help but assume majority of offers have already gone out.
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