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  1. This is extremely disturbing. Try applying for your masters in Ireland. They are very receptive to Canadians and have a strong Masters in physiotherapy program. University college of Dublin is a great program (I was going to go there for my masters but I got into Dal). They won't ask questions about your past and its a responsible price compared to the U.S. And it will be easier to come back to Canada afterwards.
  2. I got one for PT. It takes about a week for the FGS to email you. From that point, they will recommend you to the Registrar for confirmation and you will be mailed a package. It takes about two-three weeks tops for the whole process. Hopes that helps and hopefully I run into you this Fall
  3. Can anyone give me some insight on where I should look for an apartment? I'm also looking for a roommate if anyone from the program is interested. Feel free to personal message me
  4. I applied to go to school in the U.S. and needed the loan to a get my visa. They gave me the max they could which was 70 absolute max from the bank of Canada still with prime plus 1 so the interests on my loan was 3.5%. Have your advisor make a strong case for you. I submitted my tuition fess and budget for that year which was how I got the amount I did. They approved the loan but I don't need that much anymore
  5. The max allowance RBC will give you is actually $70 thousand. Tell them your situation but once you finish that you are on your own
  6. Hey I decided to start this since I will be attending Dal in September and I am moving from Ontario. If anyone wants to connect here is the page
  7. I received my acceptance letter today! Looking forward to meeting everyone in September!!!
  8. Applied: UBC, Dalhousie, Queen's Rejected: UBC, Queen's Waitlisted: Dalhousie Accepted: Dalhousie The waitlist is moving for Dal. I received my acceptance letter today. Stay hopeful everyone
  9. Have you heard anything from Dal since being waitlisted? I was too and I haven't heard much since
  10. PTCAS is the best option to look at schools across the U.S. it will give you a breakdown of grades, GPA and records of previous acceptance grades and whether or not they accept international students (some don't). There will also be a direct link to each school's program.
  11. I'm from Ontario and I got one. Relieved my undergrad from a U.S. school after receiving a soccer scholarship. cGPA was a 3.6 but final last 20 half classes was a 3.74. CSCS certification, worked with D1 and professional athletes, concussion and stress management research, orthopedic/paediatric/neuro/Aqua therapy practical experience in both Canada and the U.S. over the past year. Lots of tots coaching experience and volunteer work around my university and surrounding community. I hope this help
  12. Hey Alex, I actually got into a U.S. school this September as a back up plan if I didn't get into a Canadian one. I can help you as much as I can.
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