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  1. Persephone

    Pre-mmi score for UofC

    I think they said they would send those scores out / release them in July?
  2. You have to rewrite the CASPer test each cycle you apply, so do NOT write it a year early, you will just be wasting your money.
  3. I honestly think it would be helpful to talk to a counselor to help you untangle which thoughts are low self worth issues and which are fears grounded in reality that can be addressed through planning or approach. Finding a counselor that you have a decent rapport with is important for outcome though, so keep that in mind too if you do decide to talk to someone. When I'm having moments of fear or self doubt I try to take a step back from those feelings and examine where they're coming from. That allows me to get a handle on those feelings and respond to them appropriately. Also, try to be kind to yourself, it's normal to feel some imposter syndrome! This is a big step. Humility is a valid stance to take and can keep you open to learning, but also recognize that you worked really hard to get where you are and that says something positive about you that's worth recognizing. If it turns out this isn't what you want to do after all that's totally legitimate and it's okay to be in limbo about what you actually want to do. But figuring that out means spending some time reflecting (journaling can be helpful for this) and really discerning your reasons for why you feel the way you do. Best of luck, I know it isn't easy, I almost did so many different careers before deciding on medicine!
  4. Persephone

    Immunization form deadline

    Just make sure you email em I think to let them know what your progress is and what's holding it up. I think there's something on there explicitly about it being ok for Hep B vaccinations to be in progress (b/c you need 3) so as long as it's done before school that's probably ok.
  5. I got a 131 on the actual MCAT CARS section. In practice tests I tended to get 0-2 wrong. That's sorta what I was going based off of as well.
  6. I would say 0-2? That's the rough estimate my instructor at Prep101 gave me. It's hard to say.
  7. Persephone

    Doug Ford & OPC clinches majority government...

    I wouldn't expect more funding for the ministry of health in the next 4 years?
  8. Persephone

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Yay! Excited to meet up in August! Very happy for you
  9. P.S. if having any grounding in theory or philosophy is holistic than I'll gladly take that qualifier on. Bye "boiiiii" lol
  10. Classic med student. Misgendering ppl on the internet. Pretty humble to tell ppl to humble themselves.
  11. Persephone

    Physician political orientation

    Just posting to add I am gonna bow out of this thread now for my own sanity, since my nervous system cannot differentiate between an attacking cougar and an online argument and it is really hard on my body *sigh*. Peace.
  12. Persephone

    Physician political orientation

    No I'm not trying to equalize any outcomes. I want the world to be a fairer and less cruel place. That's markedly different. Whatever differences people may have I don't think they should impact whether or not someone should be able to have shelter and eat. 1) Yup, taxes aren't voluntary. But charities definitely don't solve social problems (and businesses only by accident). They're band-aids. You ever see a charity put itself out of business because it solved a social problem like homelessness? Those are problems which only a restructuring of our systems can solve. That is to say, I'm not sure taxes will even fix it. We need to dismantle and rebuild from the ground up. 2) Why are you so keen on punishing government employees when there are billionaires that definitely don't work 20 thousand times harder than the average person, and somehow we think they deserve 20 thousand times the amount of money? What useless social programs are you referring to? How much funding do you think they're getting that you believe that would be the capital needed to fix social problems? I am not arguing for doctors to make less while others make more. I am arguing that we need to look at our society and how it's structured and ask ourselves if the way it currently runs is moral (imo it is not). 3) I do not wonder why. They were living under an oppressive regime. Despite that oppressiveness those regimes did value technological innovation and many North American scientists had to fight with their own governments to be allowed to visit the USSR to be able to receive their knowledge. Science doesn't need to have anything to do with profit motive. We just have to decide as a society to put our resources towards developing it. And once again, stop pretending like I'm arguing for authoritarian communism over here, it's disingenuous and I've already asked you to stop once. The profit motive is powerful, but it's not the only motive that creates productivity and as a motive it produces a lot of waste and greed that could be de-emphasized under more cooperative models of societal organization.
  13. I had 3 courses per semester while taking my pre-reqs for med school. I didn't list any interruptions. But I also didn't apply to U of T. Just Queen's and Mac.
  14. Persephone

    Physician political orientation

    This is funnily enough how investment capitalism works. I wasn't looking to compare credentials, I was providing anecdata that your "truism" about maturity or aging equating to more conservative values is not actually true. What tends to happen is people who accumulate more wealth tend to become more conservative and less compassionate, age does not seem to be the determining factor: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-wealth-reduces-compassion/ https://www.huffingtonpost.com/sean-mcelwee/new-evidence-that-the-ric_b_7153396.html We have a colossal global GDP and yet we still have Indigenous communities without clean water or adequate housing in our country? We still have homeless people? What kind of world is that that doesn't bother providing lasting solutions for those problems but mostly tries to sweep them under the rug? We allow disabled people to scrape by barely able to afford the necessities of life. Sure there are certain conditions that have improved for the privileged among us in the global north, but that improvement has been based on the exploitation of workers in the global south where capitalism drives down workers safety and environmental regulations in a race to the bottom. I don't believe history is one long linear progression towards a brighter future, it's far more complex than that. I mean just look at what industrial capitalism is doing to the planet. And the people most harmed by that ravaging of the commons will be those with the least amount of wealth. It speaks to an incredible ignorance of history and of human psychology to think capitalism is the only thing that motivates people to invent and explore and discover new things. That drive existed long before capitalism was around. There is an inherent joy in those things. The overwhelming majority of people feel fulfilled only when they are productive. Also don't start straw-manning my ideas as tied to the USSR or whatever else. I am not an authoritarian, I don't agree with authoritarian systems. A compassionate society does not involve that.
  15. Persephone

    Physician political orientation

    lol ok "redpill" (are you an MRA or something?) I am about to become upper middle class and I am advocating taxing myself more...not exactly about being entitled to other people's money when I won't be receiving any of it. It's about creating a society where we take care of the most vulnerable populations. Large wealth gaps in society aren't good for anyone and neither are the rigid and entrenched hierarchies those large wealth gaps induce.