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  1. Don't let these posts scare you. Mac has a very high match rate. Medical school is difficult no matter where you do it, it will just be for different reasons depending on the school. There are a ton of ECs to get involved with here and it's a great research center, if that's something that interests you. Many people in my class have partners in Toronto and family and they visit them frequently. It's totally doable. That being said if you get offers to both off the wait list, do what feels right for you. I would say having your support system nearby for med school is a great idea. Med school is a lot of work and decision making and having that support closer to you will help make that burden easier to bear.
  2. I did my undergrad at U of Ottawa and it was a great city to be a student in at the time. Being at Mac now I have to agree the city isn't as nice, but there definitely isn't "nothing to do", I'm never left with no options for my weekends, at least based on my personal interests. And of course Toronto is right nearby. 4 years vs 3 years is a matter of personal preference. 3 years is definitely a bit of a marathon, but I also don't think I could stomach a big long summer break at this point (I'm a non-trad "older" student), I'm too impatient to finish and I know what I want to specialize in mostly. If you want lots of time to decide your specialty go to Ottawa. If you're okay with handling some uncertainty and figuring it out on the fly or know pretty well in advance then 3 years should work just fine. I personally also love the cost savings involved with a 3 year program, given the amount of debt I entered med school with. Hope you make a decision that works well for you!
  3. Persephone

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    No problem! I am unsure, since I did get an acceptance off the wait list. Haven't heard of people who didn't get off the wait list getting an email like that though.
  4. Persephone

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    A random number of upper years join your facebook groups, including the NRC and WRC ones. I wouldn't read anything else into the numbers there. Also some new students are slow to get on joining the facebook group. It's impossible to tell. I know how stressful this waiting game is, I was all of you last year. Try to find ways to relax, though it might be hard. Best of luck!
  5. Having done both solely MMIs (Mac and UBC) and the mixed MMI + panel (Queen's and U of A), I can't say a 20 minute panel really did much for me or gave me much more of a chance to show my personality. I don't know what U of T is like though, my guess is it's longer than 20 minutes?
  6. I've read somewhere that traditional style interviews favour narcissists, so I wouldn't be so fast to pine for those to become more prevalent.
  7. Persephone

    Whats the point ?

    You clearly haven't been paying attention to the climate science?
  8. Persephone

    Whats the point ?

    If you're worried about the fate of Earth in the future, which is legit, try to think about how important it will be to have caring physicians around to advocate for climate change mitigating policies and to care for those whose health has been harmed by climate change. If that doesn't sound like what you want your role in the world to be that's fine. But don't give into a bleak nihilism when there is always good that can be done to help alleviate suffering.
  9. Persephone

    Maternity Leave

    "Before you go on leave, make sure you have worked 600 insurable hours in the last 52 weeks, or since your last claim in order to qualify for EI."
  10. Persephone

    Maternity Leave

    CaRMS's site has what amount of leave your entitled to by province, and also links to the provincial residency organization pages: https://www.carms.ca/match/r-1-main-residency-match/salary/#1511459027032-06ec5e41-5301
  11. Persephone

    How Do You Guys Manage Fitness With School?

    Ah teach me how lol. My trajectory for health has been downwards since starting med school!
  12. Persephone

    How long after your undergraduate can you apply?

    There aren't any time limits.
  13. Persephone

    Writing MCAT in summer after 2nd year

    I did a poli sci type degree originally. I went back to school and took first year bio, general chem, and two semesters of organic chem. I also took an anatomy course, which I highly recommend doing before med school, wasn't that useful for the MCAT though. I stopped there, when UBC got rid of their pre-reqs and I learned the bio chem and physics needed for the MCAT in the prep course. I studied for roughly two months, if I remember correctly. The prep course was 4 days per week 4 hours per day. The course was good in that it covered a LOT of information in those 4 hour sessions and you were given access to a number of full practice exams, which was one of the most important parts of my study process. At a certain point, sitting down for 6 or 7 hours the way you will actually be writing it was crucial to my preparedness. It was intense, but I don't think I would have done well on the MCAT without it, with my educational background. I can't really speak for anyone who is more familiar with the content you have to know for the MCAT though. They might have stories of success with self-study. It was just not for me and I was lucky in that my parents were willing to pay the very expensive fee for the course.
  14. They try to avoid "spoon feeding it to us" which means we have to self teach for the most part. They provide some resources, as well as the lab and everything within it, but it would be a lot more helpful to have more structure.
  15. Persephone

    Writing MCAT in summer after 2nd year

    I wouldn't spend $400+ on something if you're not going to have enough time to prepare for it. So you have to figure out if you have enough time. I started out with self-study, but as a non-science background student (with some science courses) I found I was not getting enough studying done per day and I was unable to focus on my own for the length of time required. I ended up taking a prep course. I would recommend taking some time now to try self studying one of the subjects (maybe one you find the hardest/most difficult to prepare for) and see how that goes for a week or two. If you find you can keep it up, try to calculate from that how much time you'll need to prepare and then decide whether or not to book for July. I don't believe test spots typically "open up" much, but you never know.