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  1. 4 corners is pretty popular, downtown, Other people live in new Sudbury but I think the traffic can be a pain from there. I'm not originally from Sudbury so I don't really know the names of areas.
  2. Most live off campus. There are at least 6 from 1st nd 2nd year that live on campus in MSR now. Last year it was $925/month but you can leave in the summer and move your stuff out if you don't want summer rent. But you can place a hold on the apt for 250$/month over the summer so you don't have to move out.
  3. It's for 8. Pricey but it's close and everything is included (hydro, Internet, cable, etc)
  4. I was at U of T and my GPA ended up being 3.99... so close lol... I also had a part-time job (which they strongly advised against) but I don't have kids and my husband was not working in the same city at the time, so that almost made things easier (can't tell him that, jk) I had a pretty good work-life balance, still kept up my volunteer, saw family a lot, and my husband on weekends. The only thing to consider is that some schools might not accept professional degrees, or partially distance Ed courses like U of Ts PA program, the only one I can think of right now is U of Ottawa. send me a PM if you want to know anything else
  5. I did just that. I am a mature student and had horrible grades in my first undergrad. I knew I would have to get a 2nd degree to apply so I did the PA program. Finishing my 1st year of med school in a couple months
  6. Do the applications for mature student Rez come out after the class is finalized? And should I be looking for apts in case I don't get a spot in residence? Thx
  7. That is totally something I have been thinking about. Haha. I am 33 and starting in the fall. I need about 3 days to recover from a good night out.....what am I talking about, like I could stay out past 10pm in the first place
  8. It's under NOSM Meds '19I haven't joined because my work can't find out just yet
  9. Time Stamp: 8:25 am Accepted/Waitlist/Regrets: Accepted! Gpa: 3.95 ECs: pretty varied, no pubs tho, a lot of healthcare experience, volunteer with youth program for years etc. Trad or Non-trad?: Totally non-trad....in various healthcare roles for 10yrs... Decision (will you accept your offer)?: YES! East campus!
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