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  1. beanpsp

    Sudbury Housing And Car

    4 corners is pretty popular, downtown, Other people live in new Sudbury but I think the traffic can be a pain from there. I'm not originally from Sudbury so I don't really know the names of areas.
  2. beanpsp

    Sudbury Housing And Car

    Most live off campus. There are at least 6 from 1st nd 2nd year that live on campus in MSR now. Last year it was $925/month but you can leave in the summer and move your stuff out if you don't want summer rent. But you can place a hold on the apt for 250$/month over the summer so you don't have to move out.
  3. beanpsp

    Sudbury Housing And Car

    It's for 8. Pricey but it's close and everything is included (hydro, Internet, cable, etc)
  4. beanpsp

    Pa To Md?

    I was at U of T and my GPA ended up being 3.99... so close lol... I also had a part-time job (which they strongly advised against) but I don't have kids and my husband was not working in the same city at the time, so that almost made things easier (can't tell him that, jk) I had a pretty good work-life balance, still kept up my volunteer, saw family a lot, and my husband on weekends. The only thing to consider is that some schools might not accept professional degrees, or partially distance Ed courses like U of Ts PA program, the only one I can think of right now is U of Ottawa. send me a PM if you want to know anything else
  5. beanpsp

    Pa To Md?

    I did just that. I am a mature student and had horrible grades in my first undergrad. I knew I would have to get a 2nd degree to apply so I did the PA program. Finishing my 1st year of med school in a couple months
  6. beanpsp

    Sudbury Apt Locations

    Do the applications for mature student Rez come out after the class is finalized? And should I be looking for apts in case I don't get a spot in residence? Thx
  7. That is totally something I have been thinking about. Haha. I am 33 and starting in the fall. I need about 3 days to recover from a good night out.....what am I talking about, like I could stay out past 10pm in the first place
  8. It's under NOSM Meds '19I haven't joined because my work can't find out just yet
  9. Time Stamp: 8:25 am Accepted/Waitlist/Regrets: Accepted! Gpa: 3.95 ECs: pretty varied, no pubs tho, a lot of healthcare experience, volunteer with youth program for years etc. Trad or Non-trad?: Totally non-trad....in various healthcare roles for 10yrs... Decision (will you accept your offer)?: YES! East campus!