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  1. I was on the waiting list, so they called me to confirm if I was still interested in attending the school. After that conversation they sent me an offer of admission via email. Good luck everyone!
  2. Just got a call today, I am ACCEPTED!!! Good luck to everyone else! Can't wait to meet everyone there.
  3. Wait listed as well. Atlantic applicant. They said that they actually sent out their acceptance letters earlier than usual this year for w.e reason. They said they guaranteed a few spots to open up as they would be the first school to receive acceptances. Once other schools start sending out their acceptance letters than more people "may" switch to those schools. *Fingers crossed* Good luck everyone! I work with a physio and an occupational therapist who both said they've had people in their class that came in a week late due to people not showing up to class and the waiting list gets used again.
  4. Does anyone know when the Western province and Ontario schools will be sending out their applications? Just trying to figure out around what date I "might" hear something back from Dal in regards to the waiting list!
  5. Applied: Dalhousie (OT) (Nova Scotian Applicant) Accepted: Rejected: Wait Listed: Dalhousie (OT) GPA: 3.4 Strengths: Experience working as an PT assistant and OT assistance for the past 2 years. REALLY hope to get into OT this year, as I tried last year and was rejected due to marks being a little to low, so I went back and upgraded those courses to improve my GPA. Does anyone know if the wait list has started moving at all?
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