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  1. Hi guys, If anyone needs help with interview prep, message me at 517-885-0231! I can discuss my qualifications over phone. Thanks!
  2. 3.87 is my OMSAS gpa, otherwise it's around 3.94. On their website it says the average gpa was around 3.85 last year, so not sure how mid 3.9 was reported by another user. I'll apply and see what happens! Thanks guys! Is my DAT score limiting?
  3. Hi guys, I was looking for a general opinion on my competitiveness for UofT. My 3 year GPA works out to be around 3.87 and my DAT AA is 22 and PAT of 19. I am currently a med student in the US but want to switch into dentistry in Canada, really doubt that would make any difference
  4. I wonder if there is much OOP waitlist movement this year. Judging based on the posts from this year, it doesn't seem like there were very many accepted. Thoughts?
  5. Reject AA: 20 PAT: 20 GPA: 89% (UBC Med scale) In province
  6. Hi, Please pm me if you are selling Medical School Interviews: a Practical Guide to Help You Get That Place at Medical School by George Lee and Olivier Picard. Thank you!
  7. Hi guys, I got invited for UBC interview and am hopeful for UofC and UofA interviews. Would love to practice with fellow pre med students! I am available in the evenings and anytime on the weekends!
  8. I am in the process of completing my Biochem course
  9. TIME STAMP: 1:26pm MDT Interview Invite: Invited Early/Regular Deadline: Regular Interview Date: GPA: 88.5% AGPA (if applicable): 88.5% MCAT: PS/VR/BS/WS (and corresponding order for MCAT 2015 with psych section last) ECs: Was brutally honest with my hours Year: Completed BSc. 2014 Geography: OOP First time! beyond excited!
  10. Read the following and decide for yourself if you should keep trying for med school or not. http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2015/11/i-got-rejected-from-medical-school-twice-it-was-the-best-thing-to-happen-for-me.html
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