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  1. I'm currently trying for a research position of any kind in the the basic sciences. I am going for my third year and have just started to send out emails yesterday; I am concerned if this decision was made too late into the summer to secure a position in the year. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know of any american med schools that take the average of your MCAT scores. I always assumed it was highest mark and/or most recent, only heard rumors about taking the average. Thanks!
  3. I plan to write September 2nd and started studying today which doesn't leave me a lot of room. I plan on studying as much as I can but would like to prepare for all possible scenarios. What are the consequences of voiding the exam? What are the consequences of writing, NOT voiding, and then doing poorly (provided you do significantly better the second time)? Any med schools take the average of your results? Thanks!
  4. I've done a few practice tests online that I found for free (not sure how credible they are, but that's a different story). For the most part, the video-based scenarios come easily to me, but I struggle a lot with the word-based scenarios where you often have to examine a personal aspect of your life and relate it back. Most of the time, I feel as though my answers are not good foundational, but I have nothing else that I can think of. For example, in relating to struggles you've faced in your personal life - I have nothing substantial to note, only a health condition which can be perceived by some as a minor inconvenience - albeit it had a substantial impact on my grades in first and second year. Any advice or opinions? Thanks
  5. Not sure if its worth applying this round, any thoughts or recommendations? EC's are average, nothing stellar.
  6. In previous years there were separate physiology and pharmacology labs - I'm not sure if this is the first year that they've combined the two into a full year course? Assuming its not, any thoughts on it? Looks quite interesting
  7. I realize Western requires 60% of one's full course load to be of their level or higher, but are there any schools which requires a higher percentage? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm currently a student entering my third year BMSc with an HSP in Physiology. I was wondering I could get some feedback on my course that I'm thinking of taking - I've searched these courses to get feedback on them individually but would like a perspective that takes everything into consideration. First Semester Physiology 3120 Pharmacology 3620 Physiology + Pharmacology 3000E Anatomy 3319 Physiology 3140A Second Semester Physiology 3120 Pharmacology 3620 Physiology + Pharmacology 3000E Anatomy 3319 Biochem 3386 Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I was seeking some general advice and perspective concerning studying for memorization-based courses. It seems that I've just managed to get through this by repeating things out-loud until they stick; but unfortunately I don't have that luxury of talking aloud to myself in the library. Any advice on how to tackle these courses? Thanks
  10. Yeah that was the major issue for me; if it were not for the amount of 84's I got I believe my GPA would have been well above the 3.90 range. Do you have any advice for that?
  11. Hi All, This post is just in regards to some general advice that I am seeking. Currently I have finished my first year at the University of Western Ontario and had received fairly decent marks. My current GPA hovers around a 3.78. However, I was seeking advice as to how I may improve them in the coming years. I had reevaluated my study habits; and began taking more diligent, detailed notes; studying regularly and well in advance of any upcoming evaluations; and attempting to make sure I was always on pace or ahead of the class. My forms of studying would be going through the slides and material presented in class and trying to develop a thorough and holistic understanding of the material, e.g. looking at the slides and trying to reconstruct what the professor said without looking at my notes, and how this would relate to previous material in a biology class, whereas in a chemistry class my emphasis would be on solving problems while taking the time to think about why I am doing what I am. With this being said, I still think that I can continue to improve, but was seeking some advice as to how I would go about doing so. Thank you for your time.
  12. Could you provide me with some advice on how to do better? I seem to be managing time effectively, it's just that I don't believe I am studying effectively. Not sure where to start or to go for any help. Thank you
  13. Hi there, I am currently a first year student at UWO studying sciences. Although I am not doing too poorly, I am certainly not at the standard that I would be happy with, nor at the standard deemed acceptable by most med schools. I realize that first year is largely insignificant; but I am unsure of whether or not I should transfer to a Maritime province to further increase my chances of being accepted. However, the consequences associated with that would be a lack of nearby friends and family (not a very social person), and a nearby support system. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Over the past month, I've been trying to work on some of the things you've noted. Although I have not noticed that much of a difference, I think it is something that will come with time. I will try to employ more of these tactics in hopes of helping with this issue. I think that some of this stress and anxiety may have been attributed to university applications, and whether or not I would have made it. Thanks again for all the help. My mind used to be racing the night before some important evaluation, so studying ahead of time, and perhaps going for a movie and then relaxing a couple hours before bedtime should help for sure. On a related note, I tried doing this once, and while it didn't help that much, I think I had formed a negative thinking pattern which was hard to break. This is something else I can work on. Thank you all for your help, it means quite a lot to me. I aim to do my best in these coming years, and your advice will be very useful.
  15. Thank you to everyone who replied, your responses provided some excellent perspective! It seems as though my main area of focus should definitely be trying to make concepts click well before an exam even happens, so when it does hit, I will feel much more confident knowing I have reviewed this already. I believe the main issue was just trying to manage anxiety to a level where I could fall asleep. But because this occurred during exam time, utilizing these tools may help. In addition, I should probably pick up a hobby considering I have none, and see how that helps (probably going to the gym) Thanks again!
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