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  1. We get a full week to respond to our offers, assuming a portion of those offered from the high waitlist refuse to go, chances are there will still be a new batch of offers coming in for the next week Personally I also know 4-5 people who have accepted their offers at UT/UBC but didn't remove their names from the group, this plus the admins may indicate that the actual number of acceptances might be a fair bit lower than 158, assuming everyone who got acceptances joined the fb group.
  2. Date & Time: June 1, 2015 at 4:14pm Result: Accepted off high waitlist (Windsor campus) Best 2 years GPA: 3.91 MCAT: 10/11/12 ECs: Some exec positions, health educator on campus, tutor, workshop facilitator for first years, illustrator for school newspaper, hospital volunteering, volunteering with mental health organization, mentoring, some shadowing, research (2 NSERCs, 1 honours research project, 1 pub in undergrad journal, 3 conference presentations one of which at the provincial level) Year: Just finished 4th year UG SWOMEN
  3. They told me the email only comes the day after. Don't worry, if it is coming from them I'm sure they'll try to reach you again
  4. Hey guys, I just got the call off the high waitlist for a position in the Windsor Campus! Good luck to those of you still waiting!!! I will be routing for all of you
  5. I agree, but waitlist offers always start with London and gradually moves to windsor with the bottom high and regular waitlisters (they basically don't have a choice) since London is the preferred campus for the majority. So the fact that shadowstar's friend got accepted off London is good news, it basically means the 2019 class still has some ways to go before being filled completely.
  6. By the way shadowstar, do you know what campus was your friend offered to? It would give us an idea of how many spots remain, since the windsor campus has ~38 spots and is usually pretty vacant until it gets filled in by waitlisters.
  7. yea, and like i said before, not all those accepted will actually join the fb group but then again there are those in multiple groups, so the actual number of ppl accepted right now might be higher or lower depending on how you want to look at it. there's some debate about this, many say the high waitlist is around 30, but I think that's being optimistic, I'd say more realistically speaking it's around 50 which would explain why the high waitlist historically clears with some of the normal getting in (since the number of declines is generally ~50-70). The normal waitlist on the other hand can have anywhere between 100-150 people.
  8. Interesting point bringing up the 2015 MCAT. But how does that translate into less waitlist movement? The number of applicant numbers increase, but the numbers interviewed is roughly the same, and so should be the size of the waitlist. Just curious.
  9. Haha I read about that so I am aware. That's why it made me a bit worried. Because based on what I read from previous years' WL chats by this time the fb member count typically sits at 120-130, but this is because there are ~50 admins that constitute part of the group so the actual numbers are actually ~80. However this year like you said even taking away the admins we're looking at at least ~120 acceptances, and remember not everyone joins the fb group to begin with, so the actual number now can sit as high as 130-150 which is really worrisome, even for high WLs.
  10. anyone else a bit bugged by the fact that they're still adding new members to the fb group? (pretty fast too, still at a rate of ~2-3 per day even though the deadline to accept offer is on May 26), also the number of members currently stands at 133, based on what I read the previous years reached about this high during this time AFTER accounting for the 50 or so admins. Makes me wonder whether this is because of initiatives to encourage people joining the fb group or we're seeing an unexpectedly large number of acceptances this year.
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