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  1. NewBeginnings

    Home School Vs. OOP Elective

    I do have letters from my home school but that elective was done at a peripheral site.
  2. I am interested in a moderately competitive specialty and will be applying broadly across the country this fall. Due to some poor planning + bad luck I currently have no OOP electives (I'm in Ontario). The only possibility I may have is to do one after CaRMS, before interviews. I currently have an elective at my home school scheduled in that slot. Would it be better to keep my home school elective and have zero OOP electives or switch? How much of a difference will it make to getting OOP interviews?
  3. Hi Everyone, Since U of T allows/encourages you to contact preceptors and set up electives on your own before applying through the portal, what is the best way to go about this? Does it matter whether you do the same elective at Mt. Sinai, Sunnybrook, St. Mike's, or North York General? What about SickKids? Any insight from Toronto students or those who have done electives in Toronto is appreciated!
  4. NewBeginnings

    2Nd Cycle Plans

    Do you think in my case it would be a good idea to get a part time job, perhaps in a medical clinic? Would schools look upon that more favorably for someone who's not a full time student, or should I just stick to volunteering? I want to make good use of my time.
  5. NewBeginnings

    2Nd Cycle Plans

    I was also considering taking one of those MMI prep courses. Not sure if it would be worth it, but at least it would be comforting to know that I exhausted all avenues. Some expert feedback would probably be helpful too.
  6. NewBeginnings

    2Nd Cycle Plans

    Thanks for your insight. I do think I have trouble speaking coherently and with conviction when asked a question I haven't prepared for. I plan on joining ToastMasters or something similar to work on that. I also plan on trying some things that are outside my comfort zone to hopefully broaden my horizons a bit.
  7. NewBeginnings

    2Nd Cycle Plans

    Thanks for the info about Us schools. I do plan on applying more broadly in Canada this year as well.
  8. NewBeginnings

    2Nd Cycle Plans

    Thanks, it's encouraging to know people have been in the same situation. I'm definitely planning to do a lot more practice this year.
  9. NewBeginnings

    2Nd Cycle Plans

    : Thanks for the clarification regarding the English course! That's good to know. For interview prep this year, I read Doing Right and some websites with similar content, and went through some MMI scenarios (maybe around 50 in total?), writing down points I would talk about. I also did some in-person practice with friends and other students. My strategy was to identify the ethical dilemma if there was one, state the different options, pick one and explain why I felt it was the best. However in the actual interviews, I didn't feel like this approach really worked for many stations because the situations didn't fit exactly into the "ethical decision making" category. I think I need to prepare for a broader range of MMI questions this year, and maybe read up more in depth on some "hot topics" in Canadian healthcare? Reflecting on my answers I also think maybe I didn't relate them to my personal experiences enough. In terms of panel interviews, I looked at a list of common questions and wrote down some talking points for each. Went through my ABS and thought about what I've achieved and learned from each experience, as well as how they related to the CANMEDS roles. I didn't do much in-person practice though, I definitely will this time around. I think another thing that might have had an impact is the way I spoke. I'm not the best at public speaking and looking back I probably didn't sound very sure of my answers. What I've noticed about the people I know who did get accepted is that they're mostly outgoing people who exude confidence which I'm sure gives a positive impression. I've done quite a bit of self-reflection over the past couple of days and that's what I've been able to come up with. Having always been pretty successful in my academic career the rejections kind of blindsided me. But surprisingly I'm more motivated than ever so I guess this wake-up call came at a good time. I'm really willing to do whatever it takes to get in this year.
  10. NewBeginnings

    2Nd Cycle Plans

    Aaannd I just realized you are probably not allowed to have multiple accounts? If that's true, please let me know how to delete one of them.
  11. NewBeginnings

    2Nd Cycle Plans

    Haha oops, wrong account! I wanted to start fresh this year. The above two posts are mine!
  12. NewBeginnings

    2Nd Cycle Plans

    Hi all, This was my first year applying (4th year undergrad). I have a 3.9+ GPA and a good MCAT score (lowest section was 12). Unfortunately I was rejected post-interview at all 4 of the Ontario schools I interviewed at. Something obviously went seriously wrong with my interview prep, and I'll be focusing on that this year as I re-apply. If anyone has advice with respect to this aspect, please let me know. However, I'm also thinking about hedging my bets and taking English so that if I need to do a 3rd cycle I would be able to apply to US schools. Is this a reasonable plan? I'm not sure how the extra course would affect my GPA or the weighting at various Canadian schools. I would appreciate all of your advice on the above, or if there's something I haven't even thought of. I would especially love to hear from those who have been in similar situations!