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  1. I'd like to start learning and was wondering if it's worthwhile to get one...and if so, which one?
  2. Perhaps it might be worthwhile to share so we can avoid it or at least tread with caution?
  3. Which of the 2 options for Emerg is more competitive? Perhaps this might be a good time to ask about what the differences between the 2 streams of residency programs are other than the obvious, which is you can also practice family med with the 2+1 option. If you want to do Emerg, would it not be better to do the 2+1 regardless of your interest in family in order to cut down training time?
  4. Were those 3 fields related (i.e. IM, FM, ER)? Otherwise, it doing that could potentially backfire due to a perceived lack of focus, right?
  5. I don't think loading books will be a challenge. If that's your biggest concern, I think you'll be fine with the surface. Think about it this way: The surface 3 is more of a tablet, and it's performance is going to be more or less on par with a low end laptop or a typical tablet. In comparison, the surface pro 3 is more of a laptop in the shape of a tablet. So it's performance will be on par with mid-range laptops with comparable specs. So if you're planning to use a laptop or desktop on the side as well and mainly want something for note-taking, then the surface 3 should suffice.
  6. Get the 8gb. 4gb is kinda borderline these days but with the SP3, you can't really upgrade RAM later on, so go for 8gb to be on the safe side.
  7. Very interesting...how did you develop that relationship with them? It must have been really awesome to have that reassurance.
  8. Why do you say this? "since in theory you could not get an interventional (or even cardiology) fellowship and be stuck going general cadiology or some other kind of IM specialty." Also...wouldn't u have to do a residency in diagnostic radiology and then an fellowship in interventional cardiology rather than going through the IM (cardiology) route?
  9. For me it says "no action required" so I assumed we don't have to upload these documents.
  10. Is OSAP able to check how much money I have in my bank account? I was thinking of transferring some of my money to my parents in order to minimize my bank balance. Any thoughts?
  11. "When Brandt graduated in 2010 from Western University as an otolaryngologist, he says, he and his wife were willing to go anywhere in the country for work. But he couldn’t find a position, and instead did a year of sub-specialty training in the U.S. Despite learning reconstructive facial plastic surgery from the physician who literally wrote the textbook, as well as having published 30 medical-research papers himself and won various awards, the 37-year-old returned to face six months of unemployment." Ouch...if this guy can't find a job lol, I can't imagine who does.
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