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  1. Thanks! Do you guys know how it's decided which 2 people get to rotate? Like is it random lottery, application process, etc?
  2. Does anybody know if MAM students can choose to do rotations at/with specialty hospitals downtown (e.g. SickKids for peds, CAMH for psych)?
  3. Still in disbelief that I actually get to post one of these... Result: Accepted to MAM (first choice), May 8 9:25 AM Interview date: March 24 wGPA: 3.92 ECs: Filled all 48 spots. Art/music/poetry, 3 years research (but no pubs), >3000 hours of employment, hospital volunteering, mental health advocacy, >2000 hours community service, some unique life experiences. MCAT: Met cutoffs Essays: Very personal and heartfelt. Interview: Felt OK walking out, then on the way home had a meltdown and convinced myself I had bombed everything, had red-flagged myself, was sure to get rejected. Guess it worked out better than I thought! Year: Final year UG Geography: IP Feel free to message for more details!
  4. I actually liked the institutional culture at Mac (WRC) better than at Toronto (MAM) and think I'd fit in socially at Mac much better than at U of T. My research interests are also represented better at Mac than U of T (medical pedagogy, medical ethics/distributive justice in healthcare). But I'm very vulnerable to burnout and I don't think I could succeed in the 3-year program wrt less time to explore specialties, no summers, infrequent/short breaks, and no time off for CaRMS. I'm also not huge on PBL- I enjoy it but don't want it to be my main source of learning. There's also the design of clerkship and distribution of electives, which a few of my Mac friends have been burned by. But I know I don't want to stay in the GTA- I grew up there and left for a reason- so I'll be trying to match away from Toronto for residency, which makes me lean towards Mac as I've heard you should study where you want to practice. It seems like there are pros/cons to each school and no clear answer in my mind. I just don't want to make a decision I'll later regret.
  5. Right now I think I'm interested in EM and peds. I don't have enough exposure to family to definitively rule it in or out yet but it 's not something I'm vehemently opposed to in theory.
  6. I'm super lucky to have two offers to choose between (Toronto and Mac). I think I would be a better fit for a 4-year school but the comparative costs of Toronto (total tuition, costs of living) are making me think twice. I won't get family support and I've already used up my OSAP student grants so I'm not eligible for them while in med school. I applied for the Toronto need-based admissions bursary and a couple of the other scholarships but didn't receive any. I already have ~50K of undergrad debt and I get so scared thinking about the amount of debt I'm going to be in when I finish. But I'm also nervous about the idea of going to a school I'm not sure is a good fit for me. Does anybody have any advice/wisdom on this situation?
  7. Hi everyone, I have a learning disability for which I've received academic accommodations my entire school career. Does anybody have experience in requesting academic accommodations within the MD program?
  8. Check with your school to be sure but deferred exams should not show up on your transcript. I have deferred several exams over the course of my undergrad and the courses look exactly the same as any other course on my official and unofficial transcripts. My school does differentiate courses completed under a supplemental privilege (i.e. extra credit) but for regular deferrals it's all good. As long as the courses are complete on your transcript by the time you submit OMSAS, you're good. Hope the surgery goes well and you have an easy recovery! Good luck with the application cycle
  9. Ok, thanks- that makes me feel a bit better In each of the occasions I'm thinking about the interviewer had asked me a new question (i.e. not a follow-up question) after the 2 minute warning had gone, so while I felt I was presenting everything clearly, I just didn't have enough time to finish. But I'm glad to hear that it's not necessarily a dealbreaker.
  10. In 3/4 of my stations, I got cut off mid-story by the buzzer and had to leave before I could finish. I know that's not a big deal in MMIs but does anybody know if it's a bad thing in the MPI?
  11. Anybody else oscillating between feeling OK/hopeful about their interview performance and feeling like you absolutely bombed everything and are sure to be rejected? I'm switching back and forth about every 2 days or so and it's driving me sort of insane.
  12. mew

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    Same. I'm so upset at myself for blowing this opportunity