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  1. Thank you for all the replies! LIL, yes I am sure they are offering me a scholarship, as I got an email with a specific award and offer but thank you for the concern. It could be bad to decline one school thinking that I had a scholarship when in fact I did not ha-ha! Gohan, I do recall seeing that on the OAS website when I accepted. I'll give them a call and maybe they can make an exception or extend my timeline for a couple weeks. Crossing my fingers. Thanks again everyone!
  2. Hi there, I have a question about accepting more than one school to prolong the time to make a final decision. I'm an Albertan and was accepted to both UBC and U of C. Last week, I made a really difficult decision and chose to attend UBC, mainly based on the four year program and opportunity to live in Vancouver. I paid my $1000.00 deposit to UBC on Thursday. However, on Friday, after I paid my deposit, I got an email from U of C offering me a scholarship which would make a huge difference to the financial burden of med school. I haven't yet declined U of C and am feeling pressured to make a decision. Is it possible to pay both deposits at UBC and U of C and buy myself some more time? Does anyone know if the med schools will revoke my acceptance or anything of the sort if I do temporarily accept both? It would be really helpful to have some extra time to think things over before making a final decision. Thanks so much!
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